Zuckerberg talk about mobile: why don’t you do cover 1-2% of the users have no meaning

on Facebook launched Facebook after Home, wired to interview the CEO mark zuckerberg, zuckerberg said the Facebook Home to create, and discusses the development trend in the field of mobile: sets a small group headed by sharing will be the next hot spot trends, read again Facebook adhere to open.


g? Zuckerberg: if you do a phone, so most will cover 1-2% of the users, so there is no good for us.

below is the full interview:

what is the trigger Facebook Home you want to do?

mark: : in the mobile terminal, Facebook’s position is very interesting. Because, we not only the operating system already, also is not only an App. According to statistics, at present, Facebook account for 23% of the time, intelligent user hand machine sets and Google Maps second, 3% each. In the past 18 months, we strive to provide mobile Facebook a better user experience, but the final result always and desktops. I believe we can do better.

why not just do mobile phone?


I have been clearly recognized that do cell phones for Facebook is not a sensible strategy. We are a billions of users in the community, and of the most popular mobile phone (in addition to the iPhone) is just tens of millions. So, if we do a mobile phone, the most is to cover 1-2% of the users, and no benefit for us. On the contrary, we want to be able to make as many mobile phones “Facebook Phone”, and this is also the reason of the birth of Facebook Home.

Facebook Home only for android mobile phone. Does that mean you mobile strategy and Google’s operating system now tied in a piece?


we also work closely with apple, but they want to control the whole experience of users. We didn’t have much contact with Google, but we have in common the concept of open.

does that mean two years later to see Facebook Home run on the iPhone?

mark: : this is beyond what I can answer.

it is hard to answer this question?

mark: I hope that the answer is yes. Facebook and Google, Amazon, apple, samsung and Microsoft is a big difference, we are dedicated to building a cross-platform community. Currently has 1 billion users are using our service, I hope one day in the future this number can reach 30-5 billion, and we are ready to make the best use of body check on all equipment. Android is a platform is growing so fast, we are open for android excited, so much so that we can offer such a good experience (Facebook Home). At the same time, I also think, it is also beneficial for Google. Because of this experience, the more users are more inclined to buy android mobile phone, and people really care about the experience of Facebook. From the various point of view, Facebook Home is one of the best Facebook experience. Of course, a lot of people like the iPhone, I also like, at the same time I also hope to be able to to Facebook is Home to the iPhone.

Facebook now call themselves “move ahead, best” company. If you began to be founded in 2013, Facebook, so you will put the Facebook into a mobile App?

mark: I don’t know. Maybe one or two times a year, spend a few days time to think about this question and ask myself, if I start from today, I have no Facebook, so I will do a what? My outlook on the mobile end to realize information sharing theory, it can be as Moore’s law, a person to share information in one to two years the length of time a multiple growth. Only see big trend, where was able to persuade myself to focus on.

where is the next big trend?


we see: conducted in small groups to share.

do you have anything to add to this? You are more inclined to share within the Facebook or Facebook into many independent App to share?

mark: both. I believe that only you and your family, friends, communication service of small communities will be popular. But also can bring great service, in the form of other sets is a good example. Sets with 100 million active users, Facebook relatively is small, but does not interfere with this is a very interesting product.

bad one hundred million users?

mark: it’s big, but no 1 billion, I hope one day can achieve. In the next few years, we are faced with the challenge will be how to deal with the same social sharing the mission of the enterprise. Because of them is a part of us, believe that can easily will straighten out. And the experience of this kind of treatment will help us to deal with in the Pinterest, Foursquare, Twitter. Now there are a lot of problems waiting for us to solve, if finally can solve, and all these services on the Web service will become more valuable.

do you mean, you don’t want to be a closed garden?

mark: our platform strategy have been executed for six years. Clearly, and few good platform not to do. And we focus on creating a content of the News Feed of high quality, make our photo experience better, the News experience better, provide a powerful position information App. That this is a like Facebook DaTiLiang platform should go to do so. Most companies that and we have overlap in our business, but we will not become rigid, and will be looking for ways to cooperation with them.

that let’s talk about News Feed. Many users complain they missed the friends dynamic, and constantly have to see the content, how will you hold the balance?

mark: we found that the content ranking is beneficial to the user. If you only have time to read 10-20 items, so it is better to see the best article that 10 to 20. Compared with the 30, make you miss your cousin about dynamic news of her pregnancy, ranking the content is a better experience. Tests show that the content of those who choose not ranking acquired 1% of user information, from the indicators, said it would be more bad experience.

there are dynamic, is what you call “sponsored content”, may be the advertisement, they always find ways to enter the user’s information?

mark: advertising rankings don’t affect the overall trends. Basically, every 10 to 15 items, we will insert a paid content, and the two are not to do. At the same time, we hope that we can get the ads do better. And, no matter what time, we all hope to be able to provide the user wants to see, rather than direct commercial brand advertising. And this may make sponsors are not satisfied, but it can bring better experience for users.

you care more about the user, rather than advertisers?

mark: the (user) is the only thing we have to focus on.

in recent months, Facebook began to focus on release of information in business, because after listed, that prompted you to do so?


this two things just happened at the same time, and it is easy to confuse them. One is us to the public, listed on the nasdaq. But more importantly, the user’s habits from the desktop to mobile terminal. That’s what prompted us to for a wide variety of decision. We have successfully realized in the desktop billions of dollars of advertising revenue. But it’s a bit anticlimactic, because we have failed to draw on the mobile end a to provide a good user experience and good display advertising solutions. On the phone, we can’t at the right end page to display ads, this prompted us to rethink on the mobile end on how to develop the advertising business.

in the beginning, you share when it comes to growth of Moore’s law, but there are reports showed that share growth will flatten out?

mark: sharing is not just about dynamic number doubling every year growth, but by the combination of various trends. In the beginning, people through the Profile to submit their information sharing, dynamic, then people can update their after joined the pictures, now people can share within the App, such as services.

about information sharing and we just talk about Moore’s law, but we not think it will only happen on Facebook, but in the world. Also means that we are faced with the challenge is how to make it all happen on Facebook, like Intel previously done. Moore’s law can well and comfortable, because it can clearly tell you, “OK, 18 months, there will be someone there to put so much of the transistors on a circuit board, if we can’t do that, we will be knocked out!” . I’m in such a way to see the development of Facebook. Three years later, the information sharing will be ten times now. We’d better also can increase tenfold, if not, the others will instead of us.

sometimes, what we do is controversial, sometimes may be wrong, but we are willing to take risks.

but sometimes share will be very tired, have you ever heard of someone starts to take “Facebook leave”?


this is a very interesting phenomenon. I think there are two ways to leave Facebook: one kind is not active, another would put your Facebook account off. Those who choose to leave Facebook forever or a few, but how the user wants to focus on other things, such as test, and choose a temporary escape from Facebook for a day or two. This is a common phenomenon.

have you ever taken a “Facebook leave”?

mark: I don’t think there is. My mobile phone, of course, also about the machine.

change often makes Facebook caused outrage, especially involving privacy. But when you announced map Search (Graph Search), people can find more friends to share personal information, but it didn’t cause too many users. You learn to what?

mark: this time we do better because we had a better communication with the user. We are often carried out in accordance with the iterative scheme has set, but involves the privacy, everything will start from the beginning. This project we plan was released in December, but because of the need for privacy tools, spent a month more.

you once said that Facebook USES is the hacker’s ways, so this kind of style is how?


this is our idea. There are a lot of companies want to each release of product can perfect, apple is doing the best. This is good, but there’s a different kind of behavior, and in the long run, this behavior will be better – allows you to try and allow trial and error, not every release are acted as perfect as possible.

you are less than 30 years old, but you have to make some very outstanding contribution. How do you think of this?

mark: bill? Gates gave me some advice: do not deal with any of your property, but to make use of it. So, why wait? Clearly, I already have a takes up 99% of the time my work, so there is no energy to run a mechanism. But you can set up a fund to invest money in humans. I have some investment in Newark school, because of the governor, the mayor will let me have trust.

why is education?


this is not a coincidence, my wife, Priscilla, after graduating from harvard, was a teacher. And now I am in East Melon Park, a secondary school.

give a person are you in?

mark: yes, once a week, professor is about how to engage in business. Every Tuesday, we are learning a skill, each group has a side project. When the class ended, they came to Facebook, to sell their products, to learn how to do Marketing.

talk about recently backed by your people, you recently held a fundraising activities for New Jersey governor Chris Christie, but a lot of accusation?

mark: no more than usual. We created more than one hundred million people use the service, and become part of a lot of people life. We take this very seriously, poured a lot of energy on it. nullnullnull