Zuckerberg: Google’s commitment to open android is still likely to recovery

on April 6, according to foreign media reports, April 4, Facebook released android desktop application to the Home, the industry in addition to the product itself, the most concerned about is the desktop to Google the negative impact and erosion on android’s interests. Some analysts believe that the “enemy” is using the technology to beat yourself, Google unresponsive, should reflect. Facebook chief executive mark zuckerberg said Google theoretically but still can stop the android open source, to block the Home desktop, but need to pay a heavy price.

zuckerberg are confident to Home desktop survival prospects, is due to he think Google’s commitment to the android open source and open.

“Google is very serious, I think the performance of the android ecosystem of open commitment.”

, zuckerberg said Home features of desktop, not android system has the function of “surface”, android’s underlying design, make the Home products possible.

zuckerberg said: “back from theory, Google’s commitment to open the android is still possible, but I don’t believe they would do so, it needs to put huge effort Google and to change the commitment to android and rules.”

zuckerberg said that Google change the android open source policy, this is not a easy thing. “It’s going to be Google in their ideas and the open source community commitment of 180 degree turn.”

translation: sohu IT

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