Zhou Hongyi renege again! 360 involved in game development has a low profile company

in recent period of time, “the knife tower goddess” propaganda is very fierce, industry watches, boasts one hundred million yuan even cooperate with focus media promotion. , however, it is also a lot of input to the knife tower goddess “, the research and development company emerged, more let zhou renege hard fan himself a slap.

in July, 2011, 360, chairman of Zhou Hongyi publicly announced that 360 platform only do not play games. Zhou Hongyi said: 360 and other open platform essential difference between two, first I think promise you, we are certainly not playing games, not the referees and players again, we don’t have a huge team, we just want to make safety well, the Internet portal, through 360 desktop, web browser, by 360 the game safe to share with you.

however, with the establishment of Beijing tour longteng company, Zhou Hongyi slogan destroyed, known as the don’t play games, and even in hard his own mouth. Maybe just like that year ma, so-called don’t play games, he feared the game would spoil the child, but now? Different also don’t touch the game?

Beijing tour longteng technology company was founded in 2013 on January 4, a registered capital of 10 million, scope of business, technology promotion service, as well as the development production and product design and release, the head of the business license is generation. In addition, there is a company, called longteng swim information technology company, registration date, in April 2013, the registered shijingshan, mainly for game development, technical services, technical promotion and other business. Legal person is the same generation.

generation, believe a lot of people know, she is the vice President and qihoo 360 360 tour for President. In July 2013 in 360 to swim long “star yao 360” SAN Lin carries the knife tower goddess “appearance. So, is the 360’s generation, and swim longteng is legal person accident of the same name? Apparently not. And generation in 360, vice President, on behalf of the game who is going to do? Obviously. Lao zhou, of course.

generation Lin with the appearance of “dao tower goddess” for others is not important for Zhou Hongyi is undoubtedly in his ear, don’t play games, 2011 to less than two years, with the help of a subsidiary as mobile game “knife tower goddess”, it’s hard to imagine the future Zhou Hongyi would have done anything that promise.

source: city game Author: Zheng Huafeng