Zhou Hongyi first remarks do not electricity in ma: your site I don’t come in

qihoo 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi has revealed that 360 don’t touch the electronic commerce. This is the first time Zhou Hongyi formal foreign said do not do e-commerce. Previously, the industry of 360 into electricity much speculation. Insiders convective cloud network analysis, said Zhou Hongyi this announcement, the result shows good ma very interest, and secondly is to alleviate pressure from industry competition.

in an interview with the media, talking about if you have any plans for the next Zhou Hongyi said that 360 product line with safety as the core, 360 not to touch more fields such as e-commerce, but will do core security.

in fact, 360 have been eating into electric dealer market, just not in the form of trade.

we review, hunting cloud network once noted, 360 in the morning and evening and taobao have world war I:

360 will make electricity? This is not the problem, because in the past two years 360 earnings already lying on the contribution of electricity enterprise. 360 already into electricity. Hunting cloud network problem is being discussed with you today, 360 of the future electric business strategy, so far? Or continue to dig, dig until alibaba’s edge, and then every score?

Fu Cheng, chief executive of golden hill network earlier comments that night astrologers, after the world war 3 b there must be three wars, because the electricity is the hypertrophy of the advertising market, how is it possible to give up the 360 the flesh of the fat.

analysis under 360 first: why do you want to do so.

this can be linked to 360 why do search, 360 in explaining why do search, because foreign said 360 to baidu import flow, but baidu doesn’t pay, 360 had to do. Cloud network think hunting. It is somewhat alibi.

360 started with rely on security products and derived 360 navigation, 360 browser, in the vast number of small white user groups, is doing a lot of traffic. And 360 business model to construct the pond has far couldn’t keep up with current growth speed, large volumes of water flowed from the pool of 360. A business is outside of dry need traffic. Nature is to want to put these 360 flow to liquidate, even generate electricity.

and search business model is in line with the long tail, click on the link is very valuable for 360 digestive flow. Huge water inflow into the search of the pond, the resolution to the pipeline, the natural will be converted into money.

search is one of the important customer source of electricity, electricity converted into cash quickly, more cash. As the important means of cash 360 electric dealer.

first look at the 360 electric business strategy.

360 Yu Guangdong electricity division general manager said that 360 do electrical contractor is not the traditional sense of the said we have to do the whole process of e-commerce, we present more by 360 some powerful user, we wanted to help all of the electricity business experience, can let them have a more accurate and more reasonable in a way to get the user, and then you can, we are actually more help e-commerce enterprises with an open front service platform, that is to help them to find the user, help them to get the goods they presented to the user, let users in the selection process of their goods for a ride and choose to compare such a process.

360 electricity do taobao guest at the beginning, group-buying rise, develop the group-buying navigation, then introduced to guide a platform. As guang-yuan yu said. 360 do is front service, 360 so far, only to find customers for electricity.

cloud network research of hunting products, find the logic in the evolution of the product.

advertisers (taobao guest), advertisers + secondary platform navigation (group), advertisers + level platform guide (platform)

in the process of product evolution, the identity of the 360 begins with the most pure advertisers into advertisers and secondary flat Taiwanese businessmen, launched a ride platform, 360 platform has become the advertisers and level. Again further down, 360 could become a big platform, complete the transformation, such as taobao and 360 will be able to break the walls of taobao.

three steps, it is just came to the second step. Step 2 and step 3 key cohesion among what is point? Do a like adding a shopping search, even if it is a search channel can be 360 eventually evolved into a key link of taobao. 360 do search, a new search, it’s pass in addition from the technical barriers.

cloud network hunting Wang Zexu interviewed senior insider, he thinks 360 shoppers sword refers to is the tao, for several reasons:

1. Guides, search, comparison, 360 hasn’t comparison system, is only a matter of time.
2. Business coverage, 360 towards B2C, taobao opportunities outside the limit system.
3. As the flow of cash and a weapon, can share, interactive features, with some 360 user viscosity is higher.
4.360 forming in the browser, navigation, search, shopping and other traffic ecosystem!

“360 shopping on taobao, also can only guide shop now, you cannot make a product. Can only make direct advertising, make no effect to pay money. But what about, they should have the bottom line in their heart. Like to baidu, 10% will be enough.” Wang Zexu right into a new field of comparison is optimistic.

cloud network think hunting, this one may be hidden factors that why taobao shielding baidu, because taobao is not willing to users to get into the habit of goods from taobao baidu search, this could have got belongs to taobao ads is baidu earned. Taobao must also blocked 360 search, this to determined to 360 from electricity to dig gold, not good news. Can only build a electricity system, revitalize the traffic.

in the process, which was made in the 360 work?

1, increasing the flow viscous

in 360 for example before you click on the navigation to the sina. News, but now he also do increase out of the page. Thus increasing the content of depth. Also increased his own space available, namely advertising. User to precipitate into their own, and not only the bridge, the past and it doesn’t matter. Electricity is also playing this kind of pattern, increase the display page, the user guide ring as far as possible in the platform.

2, transverse longitudinal extension line

360 will increase a lot of product function, the products are in order to better service platform, let suppliers and users will be able to more smooth docking, a better deal.

360 because there too many in the industry, if again go to war and Mr. Ma, are not wise. But look from the rules of the development of the company in 360, 360 and taobao can not avoid the first world war.

from the business logic of deduction, electricity is indeed a lucrative market for more than 360 people, into electricity is the matter. But now, zhou said publicly, a company to do anything, is what all can’t do it well.

“foreign speak what is not the key, some are public relations had a smoke screen, zhou says, but he really can do that? In addition, ma will then believe zhou words?” An industry executives convective cloud network said.