Zhou Hongyi: critics stood in high-end said is correct nonsense

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within the company, I am opposed to do critics, entrepreneurs do not do critics in the first place. Critics stood on the high-end, talk about industrial problem, talk about landscape, it actually doesn’t make sense. After a lot of problems, the more abstract, nonsense words are correct. Whether large or small enterprises, when facing the challenge, are faced with transformation, have to give up on the concept of argument, abandon the platform thinking, to give up the idea of the great game, should look more focus on the user. Specifically, just calm down and think, I want to do something, or I have to do something, what is its user? Users in the use of products, when I met what problem? What are the places I could have done better, but also can do better? Where the defective, there is room for improvement, represents innovation opportunity, represents a possible market opportunity. Because how grand strategy whether planning, finally to fall to the ground, you will need to open the market, and to open the market, the most important move the heart of the user. This is a very key point, the breakthrough point, all your strategy is the air.

when apple challenges facing N company N company made a very ambitious plan, it took more than 60 dollars bought a company do the map, to buy the Internet company, a magnificent landscape. Today they work with Microsoft, also has a magnificent landscape. I have been use N the company’s products, but I think N company never from the user’s point of view, from the Angle of product, to think about it. Users now use the cell phone, what is in the difficult place. Their executives I don’t think is apple mobile phone, so they don’t know why apple mobile phone how to win the user’s favorite.

do you really think apple’s success because on the macro strategic planning well? I don’t talk about strategy, I also don’t understand the strategy. I don’t think apple is strategy. If you have any strategy has said that all strategy is user strategy and product strategy, discovering the needs of users, constantly meet user requirements, put it perfectly.

the consumer is not rational, consumers choose a product, to abandon a product, not because you have a good technology, or bad technology, users are derived from dribs and drabs feeling. Why do I speak micro innovation? I said, for consumers, the feeling is tiny point. Consumers use your product, may be because it’s a small point. Consumers do not reason, is particularly sensitive. Today consumers are more sentimental than before, the product finally not spell function, technological, but experience. Apple did not mobile communications at the core of the patent, and some are patent appearance. Such as CDMA, what chip, all have no. But apple swept across wireless Internet terminals, past big company was out of the water. If the Internet is a revolution, for an enterprise to mean? From my perspective, this is the Internet consumers to have more close to the right and option, the Internet makes information more symmetrical. In this age of information asymmetry, buy not sell fine, businessmen are all dishonest, enterprise through advertising, through publicity, the use of information asymmetry information to consumers, in such cases the consumer to buy your things. Once the money before you have it, the enterprise marketing task is completed, as consumers say goodbye. The last is after-sales service have to do a link.

the Internet changed all that today, a growing consumer power, so the user experience will be more and more become the key to the success of a product. This day and age, selling point of this idea is outdated. Because you can’t travel through the selling point to infusion to the user, the user is not buy the things will end the relationship with you, on the user to buy your product, with your product, user experience tour begins at the moment.

if the selling point of the so-called cannot strongly for the user cognition and perception, so this kind of advertising marketing is false, don’t work. When the user get things, know they have been taken in. Through high advertising, a lot of fatigue bombing, the ground of the channel agent pervious to light, this traditional practice, only one goal, that is to find a way to have the goods sold. But this way can’t form a word of mouth, because there is no experience that can only form a one-time sale, you play a gun in one place. Today if you want to be a popular product, you have to abandon this idea completely, but should find ways to make your products to consumers’ hands, can form a beyond the expectations of consumers, to surprise them. If you can’t cover, at a point, make users feel it completely absolute good, in this way can we really form a virtuous circle.

, for example, some famous company to promote the CDMA mobile phone, found many planning mobile phone master planning and selling points, says green, no radiation. But the selling point will not succeed, it also proved true. Why is that? Because consumers have no method to judge the CDMA mobile phone radiation is really small. May CDMA mobile phone radiation is really small, but consumers cannot perceive. Can’t perceive is not. Later the company and find a selling point, CDMA mobile phone hacking. But it is also a false demand. Unless you are a heavyweight, ordinary consumers is not worried about eavesdropping, because all day long, cooking sauce vinegar tea, nothing worth eavesdropping. So, this for ordinary consumers, does not produce experience. Even if I hacked today, how do I know this cell phone can be tapped? So still can’t be verified. The user experience, as is the product of interaction in the past, the appearance of the product and package is installed. Wrong, today the user experience this thing may be a product key to winning. This does not mean that companies don’t do strategic planning, the rather that companies do a certain size, make strategic planning, must be specific to the products. Strategy can’t stay in the air, it must be born, specific to how to solve the problem of the user. I think this is a very important concept of product.