Zhang spiritual crisis: what do I have But is so pain

“I think there is something wrong with my, I really have everything, but I was so painful. Really happy with how much money is it doesn’t matter.” After more than a year of “retreat”, sohu chairman zhang disclosed for the first time in accepts “Yang LAN interview record” in an interview with an inner spiritual crisis.

in 2012 China’s Internet industry highlighting, plumes, however is industry competition intense moments, “the Internet veteran” zhang is away from the enterprise management and the public eye for a year.

in January 2013, zhang to appear in the public eye, he said in a tweet: “retreat more than a year, back into the earth and found three things, 1. Everyone is using WeChat. 2. Everyone in good voice and Liang Bo strange name for me. 3. Seems to be opened in the eighteenth big, popular from interest and vote with their feet into a constructive and remains to be seen, reform and opening up as fashionable again.”

media let me expand

zhang “miserable” are used to describe his 2012 years, his anxiety, depression, often in a spiritual outsiders can not understand the fear.

“mind there is always some false ideas won’t go away, these ideas are very scary.” Charles zhang said, before an informal, resulting in some brain death cycle, some fear to communicate with people. These fears have no way to describe, ill-defined.

in his view, in the early years after successful constantly by the media, people around you, led to the success of the self management problems. “Winners often everything must go according to their intention, I become more perfectionist, want to control the result of things, even thought I can live to be 150.”

“about two years ago, I think I’m wrong, how can think so, and you don’t have the means to overcome. This cause my work is always for the nervous state, so I say I can’t work with the team, must to solve my problem.” , zhang said he tried to go to America to seek psychological doctor, a lot of reading spiritual books, at the same time try to find the cause of anxiety in the Oriental philosophy.

zhang once in an interview with the media in “money is the first famous” to describe themselves. His rich and is the sun, he thought, wealth, and received a good education, in the emerging industries, is the first person going to bring China’s Internet, by a large number of media, nourish the vanity and the expansion of self. “I am very modest, but in fact I very arrogant.”

zhang in nearly 60 years but have not been married and have children, it makes him feel more lonely. He said, “I don’t contradict marriage, also not don’t like a child, just because fame is more and more big, the suddenly found that I don’t have to get married. I have already started to change, however, won’t try to resist the traditional customs.”

how much money with happiness, it doesn’t matter

when it comes to your career, zhang “suffering” is used to describe experience over the years. He recalled that since 1996 when the financing is very difficult, running around. In 1999, the rise of sina, quickly exceed the sohu, the board of directors don’t trust him at that time, CEO may change at any time. Successful listing in 2000, sina, sohu also in sight, is barely up until the final stages of the listed.

“in their fight with the complex of the board, I learned to politics, from a student into a healthy relationship of interests. My life is full of competition, crisis and pressure. Than outsiders can see the scenery and pride, which believes that may suffer in silence and loneliness only one man.” Charles zhang said.

zhang with robin li, for example, baidu to financing can use sohu’s success as a example, so li investors couldn’t allow him to make money, make profit again after the search, and sohu when investors do not understand the Internet, particularly important to profit, cause the sohu only “which has a business model where”.

zhang concluded that retreat is a three changes after grounding gas, humility and happiness. “Before I used to think that someone close to me are all have a purpose, rarely pay attention to those who take the initiative to close to me. Now I completely changed, and every minute is very meaningful in my life, that moment met that person to talk with you, must be meaningful, he is also a part of my life.”

“I used to think that before, the more money, more fame, more happiness. But after two years of running, I think that money is no guarantee of happiness, how much money with happiness, it doesn’t matter. I has so much money, but I so pain. More rich, more success if not manage yourself, often more easily let you into the spirit of the pain.” Charles zhang said at last.

(source: sina tech aiwen)