YY mobile strategy and think: video around but several hurdles

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li3 xue2 ling2 said: “this YY will launch mobile video services, provide mobile users with better experience”. Li3 xue2 ling2 said of is, mobile video over traditional Internet UGC video, is likely to be disruptive, is also a huge market space.

I once said in an article before, YY will increase mobile video function, there are many reasons, is no longer here. Only put forward a bit, compared with PC, the mobile end user is online at any time, I can subscribe to my program of interest or the host, to sleep with them, with regularity, imagination is infinite.

since to do mobile video, there are several hurdles is must be the past.

1, politics, copyright and pornography

trite, politics, copyright and pornography is not only the traditional video should avoid the problem of Internet, mobile video also should be wary. Have you noticed that the United States justing. TV and South Korea afreecaTV founder, was jailed for copyright lawsuit had. In China is not this, but as a listed company, if this one was exposed, the result cans be imagined. For chestnut, south Korean afreecaTV channel is age 19 + limit, because basic Internet users in South Korea is a real-name system, can control the user id. The so-called 19 + it is not pornography, if a little bit sexy girls dancing can be classified as such.

2, huge traffic to do

as the saying goes: clay, hay. Mobile video is bound to consume huge user traffic resources, and carriers can solve this requirement. Unicom’s ads recently about 5 yuan to 10 yuan 1 G, 2 G combo package, for video, the traffic is not enough. Pioneers such as music, sing, meters and operators for the monthly unlimited cooperation, sing unicom 3 g, unlimited play 15 yuan/month, more than, 8 yuan/packet traffic. YY can follow, walk flow with operators no competing interests, if there is a huge amount of users, real win-win situation.

3, not only to do B2B2C B2C2C do

a lot of the media in reporting on YY and 9158, can use words like erotic edge and grey areas. Micro letter happened under the truth about gun chances than stranger stranger I don’t know how many times more, everyone has been to blame message message is one about software, micro letter is the mobile Internet innovation, tencent “tickets”. When your product everyone can use than female anchors, the accused will be a lot less.

B2C2C is easy to understand, is YY to anchor the to users, and YY music and the main mode of education now. YY each host can understand into a small home, in a variety of ways to the audience through the screen to sell their own “goods”, such as voice, beauty, talent, etc, etc., of course the goods here can also be a physical. From operation perspective, YY can also make some beauty makeup, clothing, star channel, attract various C such as taobao sellers. Again, for example, a taobao sell clothes MM, oneself live two hours a day, the fitting and recommended, form the beauty of the enhanced with mushroom street effect, recommend a promotion with YY to buy.

B2B2C is YY to enterprises to users, horse, and from the mobile end first and then back to the Internet. The UGC on Internet video broadcast promotion is more difficult, because everyone is competitors, what do you think of a video website live a party will access to YY system? Some companies open conference instead find media ask YY to live? But the mobile terminal is different, this is a piece of incremental market, technology and user experience are barriers, if YY have certain user scale, the competition on the hand may become partners on the Internet.

imagine: millet mobile phone 3 conference side live exclusively through YY! Built-in stocks to broadcast and close to broadcast, provide source is with dispatch! The user can pay a small fee to watch the Beijing workers stadium a concert live!

when you can penetrate into the technology industry as a whole, when your users also contain the high-end users not only have a prick silk, reputation and brand naturally, and before the big different.

4, it is very important to the user account system

the biggest characteristic of video mobile end user is? Is be online at any time. YY account system will be reset, therefore, is no longer a similar QQ group of friends and good friends relationship, but introduced a weibo fans and focus on relationships, can push notifications when I start to live my fans. Because whatever it is C or B, live on YY eventually can be explained by the popular “the media” form, of course need to fans and attention, chasing a day reading an article users to move with a bench in front of the screen is a look at how fan than a few hours?

but fans can also be hierarchical, value-added services that bring them here to QQ, Grosvenor LTD handsome you are, give you red name chat with red font display; Are you a fan group, chat to you green and green font display; You are ordinary people, only white and font name.

the host go celebrity certification, enterprises go certification, YY version of “the public platform” was born.

5, sing, and 9158 are more

for 9158 and sing, li3 xue2 ling2 though they are not rivals, but based on my point of view, since in a market, is relying on the scarce resources of the host, sooner or later there is a bayonet see red that day.

singing while making money, there are fans and earned popularity, if can singing sound effects as sing, sing the MM people do you think will not tempted? So good image, good temperament, sounds beautiful anchor for would be a big problem, and more competitors is the most effective means of poaching anchor,

how to set up an effective system for the anchor points of growth, the design of the concrete functions from the host, as the host of the quality and quantity is higher and higher, attract more and more users, YY to the income and value of linear growth.


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