You don’t know about Twitter seven things

Twitter will have its 7 birthday, the founded in 2006 years of microblogging service worldwide (except in some areas), the current number of active users have more than 2 . In order to help twitter celebrate birthday, let’s share some people not too familiar with 7 Twitter anecdotes.

, Twitter was an accident of birth. 2006 years there was a company that do audio sharing called Odeo , the company operating is not so good for transformation, and held a black box marathon. At the brainstorming race Twitter was born.


, Twitter product idea is formed on the playground. The founding team members said that they had and the Jack Dorsey to San Francisco suburb of south park at an amusement park, where they they discuss out twitter . “Way of thinking is very concise, simply want to all need not want to write out”. This momentary inspiration led to the current value of billions of dollars in the company.

3 when Twitter was first launched, each person’s first tweet are , format is the same. “ Just setting up my TWTTR.”. Such as hair twitter in the history of the first tweet:

4 , twitter account is @ . The star of 3600 thousands of followers. Hootsuite , a social media company which focus on the 110 account, in all twitter ranked first in the user. Most who tweet? Girls from Japan @ Yougakduan_00, in twitter kill her account before, sent her fate of 36.4 million, 2262. Most widely attention brand accounts from , 2500 all followers .

5 , Twitter of 47815 authenticate users, it is an account of that one. But Twitter was not authenticated user.

6 , Twitter the image of the best known is the blue bird, as the company’s LOGO , advertising image appeared everywhere, can be seen in almost every page. The bird has a name, it’s called Larry Bird . It is according to the Boston celtics legend Larry Bird named. Why the name? Perhaps because co-founder Biz Stone grew up in Massachusetts.

7 , retweet ( retweets , @ reply ( the replies) , tag ( hashtags ), mobile phone or social advertising – these are not Twitter