Yahoo’s third quarter “tepid”, revealed that alibaba profit of $717 million

in yahoo yesterday formally announced third quarter earnings this year. According to the results, according to yahoo’s total revenue of $1.1 billion in Q3, earnings per share is 34 cents. Although yahoo this quarter revenue is slightly lower than the same period last year ($1.09 billion, 35 cents earnings per share), but slightly higher than the previous analysts’ expectations ($1, 1.08 billion, 33 cents earnings per share).

it is important to note that “tepid” of yahoo’s earnings is reflected in its investment of China electricity giant, alibaba’s high-speed development momentum.

in September 2012, yahoo shares sold the 40% held by the hands of ali, a total of $7.1 billion in cash. Since then, yahoo began frequent acquisition activity. It is reported that yahoo is still holds 24% shares, ali. Ali once listed, yahoo hold the value of the shares will be as high as $28 billion.

in addition, yahoo’s third quarter also revealed some other important data about ali. The above-mentioned documents, points out that ali $1.7 billion total revenue this quarter, annual growth of 61%; Profit of $717 million, the annual increase of more than 145%.

in addition, TechCrunch reported that yahoo has made a new agreement with alibaba group. Under the new agreement, listed on the alibaba, yahoo will sell shares in alibaba group, cut the number of upper limit. According to the new agreement, yahoo will now have to sell shares to 208 million shares.

this number compared with previous 261.5 million shares, fell by 20.4%.

due to the financial situation is still didn’t get a boost, mayer has choose foreign “selling” yahoo web traffic and the number of users. To the last quarter, mayer announced that yahoo mobile active number of users has reached 350 million.

although earnings Numbers have dull, but yahoo’s share price recently created the highest level in six years.

in addition, according to the statistics, the total number of yahoo last year to recruit engineers up to 1000 people.