Yahoo’s new Logo!

to see the New yahoo logo !!!! Netizen poll results, based on a month to yahoo confirmed the New image, is this is the illustration of the below, the above is yahoo’s old LOGO .

the New yahoo is a highly successful public relations show, from Beijing time on 6 day, yahoo is continuous on its web site to show the 30 different alternatives, and used by users to vote on which a symbol. Until today the selected one.

yahoo’s new Logo still lasted for the purple color schemes and big exclamation mark, at the same time new sans-serif font design and rich administrative levels of font to let this “old brand” activism.

it is worth noting that other foreign companies in the past year have “changed” : MOTOROLA, ebay , Microsoft have replaced the New Logo .

a Gif painted pictures show yahoo designers all 30 a Logo , Logo is to pick out: