Yahoo’s acquisition of social Rockmelt browser start-up company

On August 3


social startups browser Rockmelt Posting blog said on Friday, the company has been to buy yahoo.

Rockmelt, according to the various applications and network products of the company will be closed on August 31, Rockmelt is encouraging the user through each application before that the built-in export all data output button.

Rockmelt, founded in 2010, launched a social function of the browser. Basically, Rockmelt and Google Chromium browser is very similar, just join the function of all kinds of social sharing. On Rockmelt browser, users can easily share content with Twitter and Facebook friends. But, unfortunately, most users prefer to share content through Twitter and Facebook website directly.

in April 2011, closed the browser Rockmelt, the focus turned to content aggregation. Rockmelt new applications can be aggregated from a variety of popular Internet content, and provide the basic browsing capabilities. To some extent, Rockmelt new application is using a unique social magazine and social news site Digg mixed with the light of the browser. Rockmelt never failed to attract large audiences, even used the service users will eventually choose to leave. Until June, once the trial version of iOS Rockmelt application of the total number of about 1 million people, of which only 50% will use again in the next day.

Rockmelt deal to buy yahoo did not disclose the specific financial terms, but according to the technology blog AllThingsD reported $60 million to $70 million.