Yahoo’s acquisition of image recognition startup IQ Engine

a yahoo spokesman confirmed that yahoo has acquired image recognition startup IQ Engine. Yahoo declined to disclose the terms of the acquisition, but IQ Engine team in a statement confirmed that they will join the Flickr team, work in the “photo management and search”.

IQ Engine for attention in 2010, when the company received a $1 million investment and developed an API (application programming interface), help online retailers and application developers to provide visual search Engine. The company later also attended the DEMO conference in 2010, and is considered by the personage inside course of study is one of the most notable start-up companies.

IQ Engine currently maintains two apis. One is called SmartCamera. The API for online retailers, help the user to interact with the product and brand logo. Another API called SmartAlbum, support in web albums and mobile applications in image analysis and facial recognition. After an API could be just what the function of yahoo needs.

the IQ of the development of Engine API has been used by many famous companies, including best buy, Old Navy and tesco, etc. However, the company will close these apis in the next 30 days. IQ Engine in the latest round of funding received a $3.8 million investment, investors including Third Point Ventures and MOTOROLA system of venture capital sector.

although IQ Engine’s main business is to provide the image recognition API, but the company had also applied in developing mobile photo album Glow, help users on a smartphone based on automatic generation of label management. The application can not only to management based on the position of photos, can also to management based on the content. In the future, this technique is likely to be integrated to Flickr.