Yahoo overpay again? High school students develop their own Summly not 17 years old

on April 10, according to foreign media reports, yahoo for $thirty million, before the UK a 17-year-old development of smartphone news reading and software Summly, outside there is a lot of questions at the time, don’t think the acquisition. By the science and technology website and fact, not only the core of the software technology does not belong to the youth, even the software itself is not his own development.

before, the media has revealed that the 17-year-old high school student Nick D ‘Aloisio, he was in the news aggregation software used in the core technology, does not belong to his own, but the authorization from another SRI company, in return, the company won the rights of the software.

about yahoo questions include: others in London, England, now even haven’t finished high school, and according to the deal, he promised the future only one and a half years work for yahoo. As well as the industry found that this kind of news reading tool downloads can only say that mediocrity, not to stand out in competition on hands.

the technology website BusinessInsider, according to the latest Revelations Summly, this software developers are not the so-called “boy genius”, but a company called Somo, the company claims to be the UK’s largest independent mobile marketing company, has recently received a risky investment.

this for yahoo, only $thirty million for a number of development personnel, and the future cannot be Summly technology on the steps again, these people even don’t have a mobile software development experience of the first.

BusinessInsider commentary pointed out that the incident has been a long time, in a nutshell, it can call it a stranger.

according to the New York times reports, mayer after the arrival of yahoo, hope of buying a new mobile Internet company, to enhance the vitality of yahoo’s innovation and fresh blood, she has dominated bought six new company, but considering the Flickr, etc by the failure of the acquisition before the end, these can be purchased company in this vast and complex company yahoo, still need to hit a question mark.

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