Yahoo Logo, you want to change this up to you to decide!

according to foreign media reports, science and technology giant portal yahoo will to redesign the Logo.

it is understood that in addition to keep for years purple tone, yahoo’s new logo will adopt a more friendly “sans serif”.

since 1995 was formally established, Yahoo! A sign of changes happened six times. However, unlike in the past, the company will provide 30 kinds of alternatives, and voted by the user to use which a logo. Since Beijing time on August 6, yahoo will continuously show on its web site above 30 different alternatives, until next month 5, officially determine the new logo.

sources, mayer’s last year on the first time after the purchase, yahoo began a plan to update logo.

since mayer came to power, decline of portal yahoo, with a series of acquisitions to return to the public eye. (see) is despite the frequency are mayer has raised questions about the recovery plan, but yahoo’s acquisition of carnival doesn’t seem to have any effect. In addition, Q2 results well, and again firm mayer and his supporters to yahoo’s confidence in the future. Now it seems that the change activities, yahoo is mui initiated a desperate of pr behavior.