Yahoo employees adopt children can receive $5000 in aid

Beijing time on May 4, according to foreign media reports, yahoo this week announced a number of new employee benefits, including the new parents will receive a $500 allowance, adopt children can receive $5000 in aid, etc.

reported that yahoo! In order to improve the company cohesion, this week announced a number of benefits, including: employees may obtain 500 yuan after birth allowance for living expanses, used in baby care, laundry, cleaning and so on daily living expenses; Adoption of employees can receive $5000 aid; New pet staff can get the gifts company, etc. In addition, yahoo employees can choose once every five years for eight weeks of vacation, the company will pay salary during water.

since marissa? Mayer (Marissa Mayer) as yahoo CEO in July last year, yahoo has staged a series of measures, in order to make the welfare and benefits to compete with other big technology firms in silicon valley. These measures include provide employees with free lunch, to the worker to issue the latest smartphone, provisions of both men and women can be obtained for eight weeks of paid maternity leave, all the female employees paid maternity leave the longest can amount to 16 weeks etc.

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