Yahoo chairman amo los somalia’s departure: mayer has been able to control the overall situation

Beijing time on April 26, according to foreign media reports, yahoo chairman Fred amo los line (Fred Amoroso) have left.

amo los line served as our own (Rovi) the company’s chief executive, and the investigation of yahoo’s former CEO Scott Thompson (Scott Thompson). Thompson was found with fake diplomas and surveyed, and eventually leave, after the company appointed Marissa Mayer (Marissa Mayer) chief executive.

this is yahoo’s statement about amo los somalia’s departure:

yahoo announced today that Fred amo los line has decided at the upcoming annual general meeting in 2013, yahoo! Will no longer campaign chairman. Amo los line at present will continue to work in the company’s board of directors, shareholders’ general meeting until June 25, but at the same time, the amo los line has resigned as chairman of the board of directors of the company. At present, yahoo’s board has appointed Mr DE webber (Maynard Webb) yahoo as interim chairman.

yahoo CEO marissa mayer said this: “in the past year, amor line has been very good yahoo’s chairman, I personally to him in my yahoo’s chief executive, has given me trust and guidance during the grateful. Facts have proved that amo lo the vision and guidance to help in the first few months I served as chief executive of yahoo is very valuable.”

amo los cable said: “for yahoo in the past year, I feel very happy and proud of the progress. When I’m chairman of yahoo, I have told the board of directors and I intend to is doing a year, to help yahoo in transition period smoothly through. At that time, yahoo hired a very great new chief executive, and brought a very incredible management team, also makes the employee team restored angry, at the same time, yahoo also have started to release some new high-end product. With mayer has been able to skillfully in yahoo and company leaders, therefore, at this time will be the best time of the board of directors, I left my departure also met their commitments. I only do a year”

in amo los after his term ends, yahoo’s board will be composed of ten directors.