Yahoo announced the end of the month will be closed six service: focus on core products

Beijing time on April 20, morning news, Yahoo announced on Friday, the company will be closed at the end of a series of services, including the Upcoming social calendar service, such as Yahoo Deals, SMS notification service Yahoo SMS Alerts, children’s channel Yahoo Kids, Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Mail and Yahoo messenger (Yahoo! Messenger) function mobile applications, and closed versions from the week of June 3 older yahoo mail service.

yahoo also officially announced it will close earlier this month seven kinds of products, which was first released in March, including Avatars (this is similar to the cartoon Avatars, users create later can on yahoo instant information and use on Facebook and other web services), the blackberry applications, Clues, voice search, Sports IQ, Message Boards, and Updates the API, etc. While yahoo explain it said: “we make these changes is to strengthen the point. We will continue to focus on core products and experience, so as to make our existing products for the best.”

yahoo! In today’s statement did not reiterate this view, but a statement titled “strengthen key – bring you new yahoo products”, indicates that the early and announced the closure of the product to have the same purpose. Yahoo also said that the company want to give users “can bring every day let you encouraged and happy experience”.

yahoo will close service specific as follows:

Upcoming: yahoo will be closed on April 30 Upcoming, stop provide support for the Upcoming API (application programming interface);

Yahoo Deals: Yahoo will be closed on April 30, the service;

Yahoo SMS Alerts: Yahoo will be closed on April 30, the service, and through Yahoo News, Yahoo News, Yahoo Weather (Yahoo Weather), Yahoo! Sports (Yahoo Sports), Yahoo Finance (such as Yahoo Finance) mobile applications and notification of stars on the Yahoo! To provide customers with the latest information. Users can still be on, choose through email or yahoo messenger receives the notice;

Yahoo Kids: Yahoo will be closed on April 30, the service, and suggests that under the age of 13, the user through the Family Accounts registered Yahoo ID, using Yahoo mail and Yahoo messenger and Yahoo Movies (Yahoo Movies) service.

yahoo mail and yahoo messenger feature phone application: yahoo will be closed on April 30, the service, but will continue through the mobile network for yahoo mail and yahoo messenger support the function of mobile phone users, while other users are advised to use the Android, iOS and Windows version 8 yahoo mail application or Android and iOS version of yahoo messenger application.

the older version of the yahoo mail services: yahoo will be closed down the week of June 3 of these services, the user will be turned to the new yahoo mail service. Through dial-up users or other browsers use yahoo mail service is turned to the basic version (only supports HTML) the latest yahoo mail service.