Xue barbarian was caught on suspicion of prostitution

the people in Beijing on August 25 It is understood that the tweets V, angels xue barbarian has taken away by the police investigation. Reporter noted that xue barbarian weibo last update time of 41 points 23 August 17.

the message at the earliest by another according to sing tao web reports, the following is the full text content:

sing tao the web news: according to sing tao daily news correspondent in Beijing, 23, 19 PM, the Beijing municipal public security bureau to the public, a small area in the chaoyang district sthiramati north captured suspected prostitution xue barbarian (male, 60 years of age, the nationality), zhang yun (female, 22 years old, from henan), the two of them confessed to illegal behavior. By understand xue savages whose name Xue Biqun, his father Xue Zizheng (former Beijing municipal government secretary-general, deputy mayor, the state economic commission, deputy director of the central vice minister of united front work department, died in Beijing in July 1980, at age 75) ww