Xinhua said beidou satellite navigation system will enter a personal phone

, xinhuanet reported yesterday in Beijing at the fourth annual China satellite navigation academic press conference, according to the beidou satellite navigation system in our country in the near future will enter personal mobile.

beidou satellite navigation system since the December 27, 2012, formally to the asia-pacific region to provide services, the system performance is stable, positioning accuracy will increase steadily, and social awareness and influence greatly increased.

according to Shanghai securities news reported that industrialization accelerating of beidou satellite navigation system in our country, and in the recently’s first foray into foreign markets, will help predict weather in Thailand, disaster prevention and mitigation.

member of both houses, remote sensing information engineering state key laboratory of surveying and mapping, wuhan university, director of de-ren li said: “ until around 2020, 30 of beidou satellite navigation system will cover all over the world. last year, the world of the earth space information technology, the scale of whole industry chain in 1 trillion yuan or so, while China satellite navigation industry alone has more than 120 billion yuan.”

in addition, a “guizhou beidou integrated application demonstration project feasibility study report (hereinafter referred to as the” report “) in Beijing through expert review, declaring the local civil official “presentation” amplification of beidou satellite navigation. Guizhou province government and China the second generation satellite navigation system under special management office held at Beijing union expert commenting. Experts agree that the report at the meeting through the review, and suggests that China’s second generation of satellite navigation system under special management office will guizhou province beidou integrated application demonstration projects listed national beidou satellite application demonstration project to give necessary support and guidance.

other multiple demonstration provinces and cities are also speed up the process. In jiangsu province, wuxi as civil transport beidou navigation system demonstration project demonstration city, one of this year will be changed, more than three class line bus, dangerous goods transport vehicle, heavy truck and semi tractor and navigation system, the first batch of 1000 Taipei has been exceeded.

transport ministry has asked the jiangsu, anhui, hebei, shaanxi, shandong, hunan, ningxia, guizhou, tianjin nine demonstration provinces and cities, such as buses, tourist charter and dangerous goods transport vehicles more than 80% by the end of march to install beidou car terminal. on June 1st, all the vehicles beidou navigation installation not according to stipulations shall not be issued or cb road transport.

although not included in the demonstration provinces and cities, also in building their own beidou satellite navigation in gansu industrial park, has now been completed construction, plan finish equipment installation and debugging in May this year. At the appointed time, the beidou satellite navigation system will take the lead in the use of in the taxi.

in Shanghai, intelligent city beidou integrated application demonstration project will start, beidou navigation location service technology innovation base will be settled in the great hongqiao.

this means that, based on the domestic satellite of the earth’s space is about to usher in explosive growth of the information industry.

the a-share listed companies in the north, plough through, China’s satellite navigation, electronic room, Martin thought to make strong, China and four dimensional figure in the new, haida or is expected to be broke.