Xiao-qiang hou: big company to dig big writer teaches how to tear up the contract

shanda literature xiao-qiang hou ridicule said today, network literature industry malignant competition, big companies to dig shanda literature writer, also showed the authors how to tear up and huge contracts.

Xiao-qiang hou was published in 2013 global mobile Internet and intelligent terminal summit the appeal of the speech.

xiao-qiang hou first “advocated” shanda literature achievement: “there are 230 million people in the network novels in China, which means that have a person in every six people see network novel, it is more than the electronic payment, we accounted for 80% of the share. In our platform has more than 1.6 million writers writing, more than 100 million words a day. We send a few channels, it is a mobile Internet. Now on baidu, the search of 100 there are 95 species in the novel from shanda literature. We owned a as a writer, for example, his income is 1 million yuan ($2008, 2014, his income will exceed 40 million yuan.

we will be in the mobile Internet as a distribution, more than 18 million people have seen the copyrighted content. We will put the content distribution to paper books. Last year has seen sales of more than 5 million copies, 6 million comic books or simplified books, these books are usually from shanda literature.”

xiao-qiang hou said shanda literature started charging mode of network literature, stimulate business model become China’s current literature. Shanda literature also established writers, upstream industry chain extension of the business to a higher level.

xiao-qiang hou at one point, says shanda literature also subjected to vicious competition.

“the culture industry in China, we all know do especially hard, cultural industry is more than a few days ago I saw a word, the feeling is very reasonable, if in the United States, if opened a car factory, can produce a lot of form a complete set of the company. But in China, if there is a car factory, will soon be produced in the first second, third, and so on, vicious competition, until the bad environment. Industry and Chinese literature also has this kind of phenomenon, recently, we also focus on the loss of some employees, the writer feel uncomfortable. I heard that a lot of big companies and our writers, teach them how to tear our convention. So do literary products in China is really a tough thing.”

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