Xiao-long zhang: Victoria, you are!

the author senior people in the Internet Li Anke

quite recently saw about WeChat xiao-long zhang red propaganda article, read a few words I feel bored. The standard document, for WeChat praises, say WeChat how to create a huge business platform, gold content is better than a big incisors with pure gold; Come have said micro believe development how to surge as the sword, the future is bound to unify river’s lake and so on. Also has a direct blow xiao-long zhang on the day, actually do a micro letter wrote an article directly from the media friends, ask xiao-long zhang can be jobs…

I really don’t know, for xiao-long zhang, tencent empire do mobile Internet products for the core of the future, WeChat do at this point, what is worth advocating?

as a chat from TalkBox to m, from WeChat to Line, again from KakaoTalk to WeChat dust level users, at the same time as the media operators, earnest, diligent, I use WeChat often used to vomit. But can’t, friends are using WeChat. To me, the letter of the social stickiness, come from the old forces, QQ and read from the function of the mobile phone address book. Both, not Mr WeChat team or xiao-long zhang’s initiative. Lenovo to recent press tencent is copying kingdom to interview ma huateng, over the years, under the circumstances of China’s Internet in the United States see eye to eye, I don’t think that plagiarism is guilty. Xie wen teacher once said: in a common innovation level is not high, a more serious plagiarism also can produce huge power.

so, my question is: WeChat, copy Talkbox core functions, the first batch of high viscosity users benefit from the popularity of smart phones, with QQ friends list, and then copy the Path to a circle of friends, m chat pushed to the corner on the market, and then launched a public platform, and then? To give yourself a good start. If we compare tencent to a central government, this behavior is like the mayor of a municipality directly under the central government, won the support of the central fund, hurriedly made a just feel satisfactory project, and then to the media to come over to their face – the armies of the reader, if you have the same feeling with me, might as well throw up together!

about me when using WeChat can feel!

1, circle of friends I used more. However, from his pocket and took out a mobile phone to enter the circle of friends, to go through three steps. I don’t know how WeChat understand user groups, don’t know, near the circle of friends and add friends, shake the four functions, bottles, inside the team, how is of importance. Weak and strong relations, exchanges and deep communication, flowers thieves and free love, these are little difference in their eyes?

2, one-on-one conversation interface, micro letter attached to the chat on both sides of the image to display. For me, although my head is your PS has been praised by many friends, I am quite proud of the fact, but look at too many, hard to avoid fatigue, his head will become invalid information. A mobile application, the ground of heart, as much as possible to present more useful information is your least-hassle route to UE. However, they ignore.

3, the problems of ordinary bank account library and public library, this is the place where the most makes me uncomfortable. Ever since my whole from the media, never less central book this friend bill that friend read, every day so I have to answer the question: how do I receive you this number? My friend very much, a voracious, junior middle school students relatives ask this question, pr manager of big company asked this question, the bigger the game company CEO ask me that question, I can criticize their IQ?

as xiao-long zhang after the sunflower treasure dian version in the product manager, to develop products, the first thing to think of yourself as a fool. With precise Numbers in the bible, “jobs he can instantly turned himself into a fool, I want to be 5-10 minutes, ma about 1 minute. But our product managers often 3 days not yet, they are always too experts.” So, I help my friends find my public accounts have been for months, WeChat product managers spent three days, still not become a fool.

scan qr code? Don’t stir, I sweep in the promotion of qr code to subscribe to my problems from the media, less than to find a problem with the name.

4, circle of friends why long press camera can send letters? Many times, I want to send text, but not willing to match not pictures, so we have to forget about it. I this person, if you want to say other words don’t come out, this is to put their own sputum pharynx belly to again, what a terrible feeling.

according to the explanation of xiao-long zhang, their team is not sure let users post is the right decision, so will produce only a test function. Look, what a childish overlord thinking. As for the not sure the function of the hidden in fact achieve the function of the eggs, and then played a magical effect on the marketing time, kiss, you this is intentional joke!

5, then the public platform. Almost every new book I from media users, will ask me: how about history? I can write simple code, but it takes a lot of work. Whenever people ask me this question one more, I have a layer of anxiety. I don’t think I have to give my readers with good service. When I say sorry to them, my heart is really feel sorry, and wish to give them fills the leg’s right chest, to make up for my fault of disappoint them.

what service can be called platform? Platform has the formidable resources, convenient for you, give you support, and become the platform. What do you think you draw a circle in the south China sea can powerfully jinshan powerfully city has a trace of god a message? You have to have a sense of service, about supporting policies and facilities. By the way you want to micro letter from media nuggets friend reminder: tencent company in expanding business scope, the idea with a few years ago the government to make the development zone, friend net is a development zone, Qzone is a development zone, mobile QQ, clap, choi tenpay, search etc are, then the micro letter is now. Development zone to be successful, the first leaders need to have the sincerity, don’t you say so? Before you haven’t feel out sincerity over his wallet!

, and the statistics in the public platform, simple to the point of humor. I want to ask, these data can help the public account of the operation? Can have what effect? There will be a sure answer? Do this will take out to see people, can only say that the spirit of entertainment.

7, (here to omit some words)

for the above problems, and chat with friends by what they hear all sorts of problems, in xiao-long zhang WeChat team or individual, is reduced into a thought genius alibi: don’t be restricted definition WeChat. Look at how much this tsundere, how down east don’t hurt, and how to melodramatic and parody. When all the entrepreneurs are systematically defining their products and services of the kubla khah dripping wet, when all the Internet companies tencent empire under pressure khan, dare not afraid out, you look at somebody else for the officer rich second generation in the integration of internal entrepreneurs.

do you depressed? Are you angry?

depressed again angry, you don’t go to tencent to work. I’m not to tencent’s stereotype and I do think I have to say below is reasonable: tencent, this company is just like the united Arab emirates (uae) on a QQ account for one over ten of the world’s population of registered users, as long as a project leader is not is silly force, as long as you can understand the intention of the superior, even partial, there is no good relationship last eight 37 degrees, that make a product wouldn’t be too bad. The citizens, but also with the united Arab emirates (uae) everyone thinks oneself in the DNA of noble ingredients, these people out of the tencent, somewhere else still thought that his former result from his days longitudinal wizards, still think that you have rich ore, endless immersed in a dream, refused to face the reality, this is not yourself. (see kingsoft two deputy anyhow turbulence experiences from tencent, please extend baidu itself.)

by the same token, the micro letter or xiao-long zhang, for example, should reflect, in addition to outright plagiarism, play urine mud product assembly to others to come in, what should you show some sincerity to users? Unfortunately, not they have any positive attitude on waiting for the user, but is keen to be seen all day sermon, heart to heart seems to tell you what to do product, seemingly sincere tell you he was in little-used books are produced by the strange concept, preaching themselves in love do rich the second generation product process generally pods of sorrow, and seriously tell you his product is produced in the process of driving inspiration or watching TV or go to the toilet. I don’t understand, how he so keen on when the mobile Internet product manager godfather “? nullnullnullnullnullnull