Wu Ying: within ten years, Ma Yunying wang jianlin

IT leaders summit, held in today’s digital Wu Ying, chairman of the China federation of said in his speech, with the mobile Internet as a turning point of the arrival of the information industry big wave, many people did not think of, IT is likely to be tens of times larger than the last time the industry opportunity brought by the Internet. Mr Ma told Mr Wang have a bet, ten years later e-commerce will exceed the traditional trading volume. In fact, in less than ten years, Mr Ma must win.

Wu Ying expressed his optimism on the future of the mobile Internet. The mobile Internet can bring a lot of imagination, WeChat today become China’s information industry has a lot of innovative business, is promoting worldwide. China has 300 million users, not only can be foreseen, a relatively short period of time in the future, reach billions of users worldwide.