Wu gang shake material: Chen Haozhi speak tencent HR on the stage with micro letter in the audience

organized by touch technology CocoaChina2013 developers conference held today.

touch technology CEO @ Chen Haozhi speech as the subject, he puts forward six Suggestions on ordinary developers: 1, to complete development in before the end of Q3 2013, issue 2 DEMO period for investment, the commercialization of the issuer, test 3 recommendation for 360, 91, UC, touch early data 4, domestic double platform product rhythm planning synchronous 5, as far as possible by overseas to seek authorization, seeking agent support 6, as far as possible follow suit, the market at present the product type is not rich.

attending stone interactive CEO wu gang shaking, said tencent HR undercover, with micro letter directly.

“the Wolf has a winning game when the shepherds quarrel. Now @ Chen Haozhi In the convention, although nominally venue is his territory, but open WeChat, LBS in virtual space, participants have been tencent more than HR to touch. [xi xi] you to plays, his operas.”

it is understood that the conference site developers gathered a large number of game industry. Industry insiders call, micro letter poaching rapid spike, tencent HR is really tough. It also highlights the fierce talent competition.

it is worth mentioning that Chen Haozhi recently shelled the tencent. Chen Haozhi shelling began in tencent dig its employees, then blasted tencent shanzhai. Say, tencent not shanzhai will die?

on the conference, Chen Haozhi said on developers to make money on WeChat gaming platform. “Over the next three years the android game market, from QQ and WeChat platform user accounts for only 30%, third markets and manufacturers pre-installed still is the mainstream accounted for 40%, operators accounted for 30%.”

he also predicted the micro letter game platform using the path. Said WeChat game platform of the first game will be derived from the independent research and development; The second batch will be a good relationship with tencent products; A third group of tencent investment products; “Finally products like us, this time should be a year later, between good and evil is in a” micro letter.

“micro letter may adopt notoginseng upside down into way, also may be good use split 50-50, like Kakao talk between good and evil is in a micro letter.”