WSJ: Verizon will be $130 billion, Verizon Wireless 45% stake repurchase Vodafone hands

yesterday, according to the Wall Street journal reported that Vodafone (Vodafone, the UK’s most famous telecom operators) have and Verizon communications (one of the five major telecom operators) to reach an agreement: Vodafone will be hold on Verizon Wireless company (Verizon Wireless) 45% of the shares, and shares for $130 billion, sold to Verizon telecommunications company.

it is reported that about verizon wireless, verizon communications independent power by the message, already pass. But over the years, verizon and vodafone have no substantial agreement. Still, the incident finally realization, also need to the company’s board voted to by both parties. Reuters previously noted that verizon communications company’s board of directors will be on Monday, 11:30 p.m. eastern time, announced the voting results.

verizon wireless companies, by verizon communications and vodafone telecommunications joint venture founded in 2000. All along, the vodafone telecommunications complain of verizon wireless, failed to bring its high returns. However, the investment of $70 billion for $130 billion in cash, or can make the world’s second largest operator, make a killing. , according to people familiar with the verizon plan to pay half of the total, with their own the other half through bank bonds and loans to pay for.