WSJ: the company sold more than 8 million units, as Nokia’s spring of hope

according to the Wall Street journal reported that the company nokia phones for a fourth consecutive quarter of growth. It is understood that from July – September this year, the company sales at least for 8 million.

this article titled “the fountain of Nokia’s Hope” (Hope Springs at Nokia) of the article points out that on the sales of the company in the first quarter to 7.4 million units, while sales of the company is only 2.9 million m over the same period last year. Although the latest Numbers still compete with giants such as samsung and apple, but it at least proved that nokia’s tireless efforts. In addition, analysts also believe that nokia’s “recovery” on the other hand also shows that the WP will gain a foothold in the smartphone market operation.

Nokia 10.1 -inch tablet

it is understood that Nokia will be held in the Arabic for the first time in this month 22 “Nokia World” conference, how big it will release 6 new equipment. Including a 6 inch screen phones – 1520 (media), the company 10.1 “nokia” Sirius “tablets 8.1 system (Windows).