WSJ: sets, for good brand company executives will be added in the application of advertising or next year

according to the, sets a is set to the application of the introduction of advertising, so that as soon as possible to liquidate wish.

sets a operations director ( director of business operations) Emily White (Emily White), points out that they have done in the next year them add ads. Last year, 12 , Facebook solution, vice President of global market Caroline iverson ( Carolyn Everson) said in an interview to confirm, Facebook plan to them make a profit. However, the white’s speech, first pointed out the them will be with the introduction of advertising, to obtain cash cow’s milk.

, them the total number of active users already broke through the 1.5 . After the takeover last year, the number of users increased more than the 1 . Since this year 6 , them 2000 .

although it is still not sure them appear in the advertisement of the specific time, but the Wall Street journal pointed out that white has begun to advertising frequency leer. It is reported, them the current total number of employees for 50 people, including four people responsible for public relations between brand and transaction. In addition, white is the them all important in the big company for sorting, and successively visited last week that ford, sonoma, high-end retail companies in the United States, companies such as Coca Cola. But white in an interview that: “in the long run, them must be a profit. But in the short term, we have not this pressure.”

the Wall Street journal also predicted in the report, sets a in the advertising is likely to be placed in the “discovery” and search functions.

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