WSJ interview Yang yuanqing, lenovo PC, smartphone to combine, will be duly strategic acquisitions

through the domestic and foreign each big media science and technology, lenovo will undoubtedly become the focus today.

in Q1 earnings release soon, associate director of growth Mr Yang received a telephone interviews with the Wall Street journal. In the interview, Yang yuanqing of lenovo in the PC business and future problem such as the development of smart business deployment, and responded to the outside world to lenovo will purchase the blackberry. The following for hunting cloud network full-text translation:

q: in just the past quarter, lenovo’s PC business in China, is how to get a higher operating profit?

a: when global PC business is showing a clear downward trend, we ask the team to focus on high-end equipment sales. Obviously, if you can’t promote the increase of the number of the product sales, then you have to pay more attention to profits. Although lenovo’s PC shipments in the declining worldwide, but the company’s PC revenue increased. The reason is very simple, we can improve the average price of PC products, of course not only in China.

in the recent period of time, lenovo launched a series of very attractive high-end PC, such as the IdeaPad Yoga, ThinkPad Helix, the X1 Carbon, etc., and improves the average price of the product with them.

in addition, we also strictly control the production cost, to some extent this will help us to achieve revenue.

q: smart phones in your revenue accounted for how much?

a: objectively speaking, the smartphone is not enough to become the core of lenovo revenue. At present, lenovo’s smartphones in China just a profit, but the business has great prospects for development. Lenovo is committed to become the leader in the Chinese market, for a long time, we have continued to the brand, sales channels, increase in product research and development, etc.

although, lenovo smartphone, Maori PC for the first time in view of our previous capital investment, thus smartphone net income is still relatively small.

on the other hand, lenovo PC devices profits on a global scale is growing. In addition, we are also actively promote tablet, because it allows us to consolidate the leadership position in the field of lenovo in the PC.

q: for lenovo smartphone business, whether to buy? Or keep the natural growth is enough?

a: in the short run, lenovo’s smartphone business achieved rapid growth, and I think the good development trend, will continue in the next few quarters. In the second half of this year, lenovo will launch more new smartphones and tablet devices.

mobile smart devices (tablet, smart phone), great changes have taken place in industry, the development emphasis has begun from the high-end to the mainstream, from mature markets shift to emerging markets. In addition, users of smart phones update faster and faster, a lot of people on average every six months or a year will buy a new smart phone.

fortunately, some of these changes will be positive influence on the lenovo, because we always keep a rapid product development process.

, I believe, lenovo will also keep the natural growth. However, if the time is right, and is helpful for the company’s strategic plan, then we will consider to make acquisitions.

q: what do you think of the blackberry is a potential takeover target?

a: it’s difficult to say. As on the PC and smart phone business continuously consolidate, lenovo will with the advantages of its own position, plays an important role in the two markets. If a company in accordance with the development of our future plans, lenovo would jump at the chance.


PS: the following is the main data of lenovo Q1 earnings:

lenovo in the first quarter as of June 30, 2013, quarter of total sales of $8.8 billion, rose than 10%; In addition to the annual pre-tax profit than rise 16% to $215 million. Profit than rose 23%, to $174 million.

the lenovo earnings growth is the main source of the PC + field, more performance from smartphones and tablet computers, mobile phones, for example, lenovo became the world’s fourth largest, China’s second-largest smartphone manufacturers, in the first quarter of the growth rate as high as 132%, domestic sales rose 121%, achieved remarkable growth.