WSJ: Facebook also bid for blackberry? !

according to the Wall Street journal reported last week, the blackberry company sent representatives to California and discuss the blackberry bid with Facebook. As a result, Facebook after samsung, Google, lenovo, blackberry has become a “takeover gossip object”.

so far, we can not determine the reliability of the rumours. But all about the rumors of the blackberry bid and has never been a hard news.

however, mark zuckerberg did for expansion in the mobile Internet is full of desire. Long before this, he has expressed: “want to do our utmost to let the Facebook” occupy “smartphone” as much as possible. Unfortunately, HTC First bitter experience, firmly to mark and Facebook poured cold water. In spite of this, we can only say that Facebook Home is just a temporary failure.

Facebook to buy blackberry will receive two obvious advantages: first, the blackberry brand; Second, the blackberry’s patents. Although the above both will be “good” zuckerberg preemption mobile entry side plan, for there is almost no smartphone development and management experience of Facebook, blindly buy blackberry really let a person for the social networking giant worrying.

it is understood that the blackberry company has publicly suggest that will be completed in November for purchase on competing companies.