WSJ: apple is testing 13 inch tablet and more time the iPhone

, they learned from the internal supply chain that apple is testing a larger screen the and iPhone . Apple is considering a about 13 inch screen the , a more than 4 inch screen iPhone .

the south Korean News website ET News apple in testing a 12.9 inch screen the . Reuters apple is preparing to produce the screen size between 5.7 iPhone .

but it is not clear, this kind of product will really mass production on the market. Like many similar companies, apple before the product is determined, will produce a lot of different prototypes for your selection. Apple and samsung patent lawsuit, has ever presented to a large number of abandoned product design prototype, the outside of apple products so to finalize the design process.

and WSJ also said that apple will introduce a New version of this year 9.7 the , the screen resolution is still , but thanks to the integrated touch screen ( – cell in ), the New the will become lighter. the iPhone 5 using the same screen technology. the iPhone 5 s will be posted in this year, at the same time, there will be issued by the colorful shell cheap version iPhone .