Wrong understanding Facebook Home defects: smartphone users habit

mark zuckerberg for this week’s publication of the Facebook Home Android the main screen has its own understanding. He thinks, relative to any other application, smartphone users in Facebook spend more time and, therefore, when the user opens the mobile phone first thing is to let them see Facebook on the new is a great idea.

but just because the Facebook is the most common application of smart phone users, doesn’t mean everyone wants to see this information. In fact, according to Flurry analysis, social network applications account for only iPhone and Android application USES a quarter of the number.

market research firm BI Intelligence release of iOS and Android users anywhere in the world use different software long survey data:

based on these data, we can clearly found that although the Facebook is probably the most common individual application, but smart phone users are willing to send a lot of time to do other things. Facebook Home new home screen can be in the form of a slide show friends of the latest status and photos, if you want to use your other applications, you must pass the touch screen to select a single button.

Facebook the assumption is that most people use mobile phone is mainly interact with the friends, rather than do other things, such as playing games, check email, brush weibo or listening to music. This will be a Facebook Home one of the biggest problems, Facebook is his app in the first, but did not consider don’t like this type of users like the app .

even if you decided to take the Facebook Home in your phone you will spend a lot of time on other applications and games, Facebook Home is one of the great things you can always know your friends do all the things, but if you want to use other function, then you will have more operation steps.