With routine net public thank-you letter to home inns, the hills with beef shelling ctrip

with network CEO tiger wu cheng today released a letter to home inns hotel partner, thank you letter first wu partners home support for many years, turn (shelled ctrip monopoly, forced home inns to heel.

“tomorrow, with the network of more than 2000 users on the same path can’t find a home inns hotel, we don’t blame you, we only themselves to blame is not strong enough, a dream in the heart, be grateful, justice will prevail over evil, open will defeat monopoly, we will redouble our efforts, thank you once again, home inns in six years to support with routine.”

“to keep their monopoly position, pose no threat to any of his rivals, he didn’t think about how their progress faster, how to provide better service to customers, how to create value for the partners, but at the expense of partner interests, sign exclusive use of all relations, broken inventory.”

the personage inside course of study to the huntsmen cloud network, according to the analysis of home inns to stop and work with cheng network behind better industry insider, “big background is ctrip and where are locked in a Titanic. Because of where to change their business model, direct and advertisers to competition, elong and mango website has been terminated the cooperation and where to go, all want to and ctrip and where to get more in the game of interest, are in the game on the sidelines. At this time, with the net was cheng chose to stand and where to go, ctrip natural idea.”

intriguingly, where CEO ZhuangChenChao on weibo also support tiger wu, said where would fully support the emerging OTA break monopoly OTA monopoly on hotel inventory.

cloud network connection hunting tiger wu, as of the time, tiger wu did not make positive comments in the matter.