With net boss tiger wu cheng: naive?

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Home inns stopped and cooperation with cheng network, with net boss tiger wu cheng sit still, ran out crying grievance to the world.

“it is not the intent of home inns, this is not our intention has six years of cooperation such as family, behind it, has a strong monopoly power pressure, in the past decade, this force has been wafted over China’s tourism industry like the devil.”

“to keep their monopoly position, pose no threat to any of his rivals, he didn’t think about how to progress faster, how to provide better service to customers, how to create value for partners, but at the expense of partner interests, sign exclusive use of all relations, broken inventory.”

who is secretive wu said, everybody knows, ctrip!

send a weibo v. v. wronged also calculate, tiger wu also ran to home inns to friendship, but, unfortunately, was beaten by home inns face, touched a rebuff.

for wu said refers to the unilateral termination, home inns says “we never home inns has signed group level of cooperation agreements with the same routine.”

well, the ear son is very loud.

this tiger wu want to do? Anecdotal message is “with cheng led a boycott of where on the one hand, on the other hand, in a with net on where to get the condition of 30% cheaper than other several betrayal OTA alliance, where to return to the net.”

the original provoking thing is that he first, and then the first turn the muzzle is him!

although such practices, will be a lot of people look down upon, will be a lot of people scolded no goodwill, but think of is, the ancient businessman usury parting, there are no eternal friends only permanent interests.

but, I think that tiger wu take home inns to cannon dozen ctrip language pack is too naive!

wu seems to don’t want to say a fact, that is the shareholder is ctrip, home inns, home inns to speak naturally want to shareholders, which don’t have a son father of truth.

wu this time completely wet shoes, home inns is terminated and cooperation with cheng network, other elong, mango can order. Obviously, this is ctrip in repair with network. You know home now with cheng 40000 – net monthly sales?

but the situation and who is to blame, with cheng network with abacus to reform, ctrip is it, or where to go, want a bowl of meat more, only to put himself into account.

now pull ctrip monopoly of the standard, the somebody else will say, you are not and where to go? Alas! Don’t reckon with obvious straight.

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