Windows Store near 100 cheat money fraud applications

according to foreign media reports on The Web of science and technology, there are more than 100 fraud in Store Windows, they pretend to be some popular application name, cheat users click on The download. Among them, except for some free most “fake” priced between $4.99 and $28.99. The personage inside course of study analysis, it is obviously to small white users from Windows 8 and Windows RT there to obtain more benefits.

(a) focus on Windows news, technology, science and technology community first revealed the news. Enter the “how to use them in the Windows Store” (how to use), the results showed that the application of the following:

if you watch carefully, you will find on the page actually appeared GreenHot, BA MEDIA, Hot Girl, Facebook Pro, MAHN TIEN and Angry Birds Pro “star” application, etc. In addition, if you search for these applications, there will be more the result of “hear”.

perhaps Microsoft application inspector may justify said, these “fake” is the installation guide, but let them appear in Microsoft’s app store, most also marked prices, it’s a little sense. For ordinary users, the pseudo application was established, and even will cheat users to download a free application and pay for it.

, for example, below is the input, after the “Chrome” Windows Store page of results:

we found that many of them were not those provided by the third party applications. Strange is the search after Chrome, Microsoft app store offers a lot of the production of their own, unrelated applications, such as Office, OneNote, Publisher, Word, and so on. It’s hard to imagine that Microsoft’s app store, how can let these applications (of course there are many false application) through online.

associated with Microsoft just announced that his application to the app store hit the 100000 mark number, the event is quite ironic. Compared with quantity, the quality of the application is first. At least Microsoft shouldn’t let these false applications continue to destroy my reputation in the user.

for this matter, WinBeta community wrote:

the Microsoft of love, don’t continue to do such a thing again. The application of the “fake” is how to use, your so-called super strict certification system? We remind those who like users to download applications from the Windows Store, be careful, don’t be deceived.

at present, we have tried to get in touch with Microsoft, Microsoft officials are explained as follows:


we have been working to create excellent Windows Store, and sincerely hope that can provide Windows users with the perfect experience as much as possible. Windows Store is usually based on the actual performance of the application performance, rating, user evaluation to certification for the application. Once found application cannot achieve certification standards, we will immediately to the shelves. Frankly speaking, we know its problems of one kind or another, but we are happy to accept and positive improvement. For those who are of little value, and confuse the user’s application, we will be handled in a timely manner. In addition to the Windows Store will also further enhance the application submitted to the certification standards, do everything for the user to build the best app Store. If the company thinks the Windows Store violated their copyright (trademark), then can be directly applied to them, we will be in after check, on the basis of the use of the Windows Store rules to deal with it.