Why will support xiao-qiang hou Chen?

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a farce of shanda literature, let silence behind Chen took to the stage again.

on March 11, Chen sent a group email, inside the grand final verdict is this farce.

in the past four years, Chen tianqiao shanda literature and xiao-qiang hou noisy over, even took the table, but this time, Chen had to stand in xiao-qiang hou side, support xiao-qiang hou.

support xiao-qiang hou, is the price of wu’s departure. The departure of wu is bound to cause a huge literature internal unrest, affect shanda literature, in the first half of this year’s offering. A grand, said Chen steady wu, hope the latter take a long-term view, but failed to hold.

so, xiao-qiang hou Chen: why do you want to support?

introduced xiao-qiang hou

from four years ago. In March 2008, also in the ideal international building office of xiao-qiang hou received a phone call, “be interested to meet?” A deep and slightly hoarse voice coming from the other end, the caller is Chen.

a few days before the Chen already from Shanghai to Beijing, can’t fly he has yet to be lifted the journey tired. There are two purposes of the trip to Beijing, Chen tianqiao, one is the identity of the CPPCC national committee to participate in the “two sessions”; The second is looking for suitable head for shanda literature.

xiao-qiang hou Chen phase has a long history. Three years ago, in March 2005, 45 days after the plan and arrangement, presided over Chen tianqiao shanda’s board of directors, in the open market to buy a 19.5% stake in sina industry strong wind.

sina acquisition mainly in order to buy the content. Among them, also implies the change of grand strategy. In 2004, shanda group in the United States listed on nasdaq. Chen hopes the company after the listing agent can get rid of the pure online games business model, with online games as the axis, transformation to the pan entertainment company. Including from the content of the production, distribution, to operate. On the online game business, grand also started from the agent to permeate its own development.

this strategy and a set of embedded behind it. The Chen tianqiao, launched in 2005 “box” strategy. Entertainment content + terminal, can say that the strategic idea, Chen tianqiao iPhone than jobs.

with a complete set of plans, network novel in the entertainment content on the cohesive role of the user. In October 2004, Chen bought from wu hand starting point Chinese website. Wu thus became a member of the grand.

start at the beginning of establishment of full by shanda, a year later, then still rapidly, but the Internet veteran xie wen described as “barbaric,” Chen felt only a starting point isn’t enough, he has been accustomed to enjoy treatment of monopoly in the domestic online game industry. In order to get the monopoly in the field of network novel, from 2005 to 2009, Chen bought jinjiang original mesh, add red sweet, banyan tree.

after the acquisition is packaging and integration. It makes the network literature as a whole to form a with the concept of online games, the content of the film and television in parallel, and then you can load a “box” or channels of distribution, generate returns.

Chen need to looking for a role for such a position, the man should be familiar with the online content, have integrated ability, even the best stayed in a big company, rather than to sell to their other literary web sites that born rebellious.

2005, sina blog, tube sina sina blog is the deputy chief editor xiao-qiang hou. Sina and grand and some roots. Then, Chen thought about xiao-qiang hou.

Chen found xiao-qiang hou three times altogether. The third time the two saw each other, in Chen during his stay in Beijing “two sessions” hotel. Chen tianqiao open the door, there is no closed, looked out the window rolling traffic in Beijing, Chen said: if Chinese culture can also like this elevated overpass on, convenient, wouldn’t it be great. And the meeting, Chen tianqiao xiao-qiang hou said to the first sentence is: are you interested in to grand? Is so straight.

to meet with Chen’s three times, let xiao-qiang hou chest: one is the sina will stay like this, and within the diffuse ownership system of sina, it is hard to go up; Another is that followed at the time was the hurun list of Chen to usher in a new field. A crush xiao-qiang hou.

with Chen after a short rest, xiao-qiang hou with sina CEO Charles chao met three times, also expressed his decision. In July 2008, and Chen tianqiao four months after the parting, xiao-qiang hou held hands with Chen. Chen also made a special trip to Beijing to celebrate the coming of xiao-qiang hou big conference. Size is no less in the hotel to meet the degree of tang. Chen said, unlike five years ago, tang five years ago he was a guest, I am a master; And after 5 years xiao-qiang hou, he is the master, I am a shareholder.

start confused

in 2008, take the original starting point, jinjiang, red sleeve add the shanda literature, has been in the network novel market occupies 80% market share.

in 2008, domestic network game market competition is intense. In July 2007, at the time said the perfect space-time perfect world became the third country listed companies; In November the same year, the giant network listing. At the same time, a listed company is also planning to include sohu swim, and have a “audition” right to them. Chen also realised that the grand must find another can be listed in the game is outside the scope of the strong growth in the business. And xiao-qiang hou conversation, gave Chen confidence.

a insiders said, xiao-qiang hou in sina blog, is the business model of development, and in the communication of xiao-qiang hou and Chen tianqiao, xiao-qiang hou philosophy and philosophy of Chen shine at the moment.

xiao-qiang hou came to shanda literature played three CARDS, one is legal, for copyright protection; Second is to design the model of charging, let copyrighted content liquid; Third, business integration, let the more stories and shanda literature concept, thought listing. (editor’s note: the author here has a factual error, namely shanda literature paid model based on the design of the starting point, and long before by shanda, starting from the founding team has established the model, namely actually start early lead in the industry, forming its own ecological, from which is grand and have a liking for that reason)

Chen leave xiao-qiang hou’s time is 3 to 4 years, but in hindsight, Chen tianqiao overestimated xiao-qiang hou integration ability. In 2010, the starting point of some large grassroots writers make and want to run away, leaving the starting point, Chen hou little downbeat the table.

xiao-qiang hou do culturally and shanda, such as starting point to network website is not a novel genre. And xiao-qiang hou in grand after radical way also let xiao-qiang hou into passive, inside and outside attack on both sides.

in order to protect the copyright as well as the literary influence, xiao-qiang hou beat Google and baidu, this is the external enemies. In order to speed up the revenue, do listed, xiao-qiang hou sinned against a large number of writers and coexist with the starting point of grass-roots, this is ecological damage. And what’s more, in order to be able to speed up the integration, xiao-qiang hou encountered resistance from shanda’s founder of literature, this is internal anxiety.

in 2009, had left some of the founding members. But Chen and xiao-qiang hou didn’t realize that the underlying problem. Business integration, some people walk, this is not strange. But domestic grassroots network literature and culture, and the business model of network literature is based on grassroots writers. Grassroots writer is, as it were, ecology. Under the effect of grassroots culture, the founder’s influence is huge.

unlike other founder, wu zheshang family, was held in this “smile the ao river’s lake” of his personality had a martial arts, but also because read martial arts, let wu at Peking University after graduation on the path of entrepreneurship network novel. In the beginning, wu is very good at the starting point and the grassroots writers together, often eat and drink, relationship between cultural circles bound more tightly.

but some big voice, said wu lack of vision, is a business, but not a master of strategy, good “” no” just “, this is Chen did not enable wu for shanda literature the cause of the head. In addition, Chen tianqiao more willing to trust his own instincts, alien is more suitable for integrating the original pack regime.

in fact, Chen has been don’t want to in the integration of shanda literature and wu had to personality is distinct, the founder of the intense contradiction. Cool. Have it once, but cool six assets are tangible assets, and assets of starting point in people and writers. This time, Chen couldn’t help pay more attention to.

wu did not to the media to explain the reason for leaving the company. According to an insider, Chen sent a letter to our wu, hope to properly solve, don’t speak to the media. At present, wu also has Chen give options. This is Chen as “gifts” for follow-up.

but xiao-qiang hou apparently did not hold the wu. On March 1, wu took some starting point lieutenant list contact Chen tianqiao, said to go. But before Chen play, xiao-qiang hou shanda literature board meeting without permission, agreed to wu left the company. The army of small will Chen.

a is general holds the wild waves of the chip, one is himself please good good. Xiao-qiang hou more loyal than wu, safely, also won’t use violent means to oneself. Chen tianqiao is no reason not to tilt xiao-qiang hou. Even if, at the cost of the starting point in the short term instability.

Chen temperaments

4 years ago, Chen of the integration of a calm, and “big tang” peace break up; But in the past two years, the integration of Chen encounter frequent resistance. What is? Maybe, this is Chen should be thinking about.

is this 4 years, grand from big mergers, to contract business to build holdings platform, it, is Chen self-denial of Disney’s strategy. And Chen tianqiao, more is the reflection of their own personality influence on enterprises.

in 1999, pudong new area in Shanghai academy of sciences, a three rooms one hall room, with his brother 2 habib gb Chen couple, Tan Qunzhao, QuHaiBin began shanda road. And now, QuHaiBin Tan Qunzhao has already left.

well-known Internet Gavin described Mr Chen, he is a pragmatic idealists. Because of my dream, start a business, make online Disney, and sina acquisition; Also because of pragmatic, stubborn, rough character, let each one with his family members to leave the grand.

a former grand, they said if you let the direction of the Chen tianqiao believe you, you have to compromise his little by little, and constantly side lead, advancing slowly, finally let him gradually change in consciousness, and think that this is their own decisions. However, the competition in domestic Internet fast and continuous product change, it takes time.

so, leaving Chen and grand still have a long time?