Why should the samsung hatch startup at all costs?

in the magnificent building, the people enjoy the kimchi and caviar sushi, on the wall is glittering LCD display. This is not the scene for relatives and friends, this is the company for the new startup accelerator department is located in the middle of Manhattan, and held the opening ceremony. Samsung open innovation President David Eun for all participants declared: “the future of samsung is to perfectly combine software with hardware. And the key to achieving this goal is to promote the growth of start-ups.”

hardware and software integration, seems to be the development trend of nowadays giant companies. Adept at providing thoughtful humanized service, Google bought a MOTOROLA mobile phone manufacturing powers of analog communication era. Miss Microsoft mobile Internet, after a painful awakening, betting on the 2 g in the era of mobile phone leader nokia. And apple smartphone trendsetter, needless to say more. With from the hardware to the applications; From smart terminal sales strategy, to the particular mode of “content” charge, apple built a closed ecological system. Now, as the world’s largest smartphone makers, samsung is also set up their own ecosystem at all costs. From a pure hardware manufacturing, into software (application).

find potential startups, support after hatching, into a bag

“as the world’s largest smartphone makers, samsung through the distribution and sale channel powerful control, and gradually became the important part of the whole industry chain. However, in the upstream of the industrial chain, namely software field, samsung and apple, Google and even Microsoft, far away “. The Current Analysis of the company’s research director Avi Greengart said in an interview. “Samsung start-up incubator project, it is going to the source of the industrial chain to the nuggets.”

it is reported that samsung has announced that its venture capital companies will spend 10 1 $, to support the growth of start-ups. Samsung, in contrast, the accelerator projects in Manhattan, are even more clearly show the hardware giant looking forward to get the software talented person’s inner thoughts. David Eun said: “the operation mode of the samsung incubator is: find a potential after startup, supporting the incubation, to buy it. It share with samsung venture investment company, there are some differences in operation. In a nutshell, by samsung hatched valuable application, will soon pick up in the samsung mobile phone.”

pattern similar to the “incubator”, samsung has long practice. Last year, samsung acquired mSpot streaming media services company, and the related application and integration of existing services. In addition, recently acquired by samsung set-top box development company Boxee member, also attended the opening sitting on the same day.

samsung’s advantage is that we can provide developers with the most broad market and channel

in fact, samsung as early as July month, in the San Francisco palo alto university avenue, launched a similar incubator unit. As the key step of samsung overall strategy, corporation for the new accelerator department provides a good development environment. Nate Gosselin is mobile advertising startup Sharethrough, senior manager, he said in an interview, excitedly: “here, I can show my talent in full, to realize the value of my life”.

when it comes to compared with other incubator organization, samsung accelerator has the advantages of, samsung electronics sector CEO BK Yoon said: “channels, sales market, is one of the important conditions for attracting developers choose samsung.”

David Eun, pointing to the venue on the walls of the LCD screen, cannot hide proud mood: “in the field of television and mobile devices, samsung plays a pivotal role. Our goal is to get through all of the screen, in order to become the biggest, the advertisement of the application of distributed platform “.

walks road of the amazon: rely on Android , learning, Google, and then build its own ecosystem

samsung have realized the importance of networking in the future. When people through a mobile phone and tablet, TV, and even refrigerators “communication”, the hardware itself has become no longer important.

samsung may be walk a way similar to amazon: rely on Android Google, learning, and finally get rid of them. Obviously, samsung has gradually took a independent development road. However, if the “hatch – buy” wishful thinking can be played to ring, and there are many problems and challenges to face.

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