Why I won’t give up the iPhone, blackberry again

CNET columnist wrote Katie Collins, compiled by hunting cloud network.

Before starting to use iPhone, I spent many years blackberrys. I’m curious blackberry Z10 can attract me again. Z10 owners, however, a few small flaws and the lack of application dampen my enthusiasm.

my story begins in the spring of 2010, the year in the spring I just started using blackberry. Within 2 years after using four blackberry, I struggled to every day is going to throw my cell phone to outer space. Finally, I gave up the blackberry, bought an iPhone.

give up not just me a blackberry. RIM (now their BlackBerrys) or the average wave after wave of crisis for BlackBerry, watching myself in the global market share has fallen sharply.

although far later than the scheduled release date, BlackBerry10 hit the market in January. BlackBerry10 expected to revive blackberry company, still full of creativity, and prove the blackberry company dominate the smartphone market.

Z10 released in the UK in February this year, so far, Z10 response is not very good. Although the blackberry company said after the release of Z10 response more than ever before, or in the Z10 released after only a month to reduce the price.

according to the research director Ben Wood of CCS Insight, a consultancy, said BB10 success depends in part on whether it can revive BlackBerry past users – for example, has me drifting with the tide. Maybe I should give Z10 a chance, I decided to try it and see if they can accept the blackberry.

BlackBerry era

I was very poor, very need a smartphone, friends are using BBM – free text messages between the blackberry service, I feel isolated. The first smartphones – though not great – also can change everything. Pocket can carry the entire network, this is my ten years of dream, the dream came true at last. This gadget, of course, the Internet speed is slow, but this was unexpected.

however, the case for BlackBerry and I quickly soured

in the next two years, I used the two Curve and two Torch. I was tired of his BlackBerry customized machine contract, once signed, namely the use of more sophisticated equipment, I can only use 2 g “BlackBerry network” – speed is too slow, I keep pick up the phone, put down the phone again, worry about mobile phone exactly how long it will take to complete a directive. Mobile phone battery before long, I bear the black screen of mobile phone, often have to recharge.

I use the first Torch 9800, took less than a few weeks, is the common fault of the Torch – no electric charge, also can’t open the machine, also trim is not good. The price of 9810 more cost-effective some. But in terms of high-end mobile phones, and its quality is very poor. Compared with competing products, 9810 decent applications and games rarely, menu system and built-in application will soon be out of date, lack of appeal. I see a lot better than 9810 mobile phones, because of my job requirement, I need a good camera phone.

I now have the Iphone 4, with a good time. Mobile phones, if want to change will be a delicate, high-end smartphones, fun. BlackBerry Z10 can satisfy this requirement? Or Z10 just only say don’t do? I have to try Z10 for two weeks.

a: hi, everybody! Please see my cool new… , no, etc.

Z10 is an ordinary is quite beautiful and mobile phone. It makes me a bit reminiscent of the LG Prada Phone verification and quite like last year. Z10 and I use the iPhone 4, airframe material is absolutely good money than before, are different from BlackBerry classic design.

please forgive me, I haven’t started to praise Z10. After all the iPhone 4 has been listed for two and a half years, the price is much lower than Z10. Z10 just listed, it is a creative flagship product. So why do I want to use a similar iPhone mobile phone – a living? Z10 camera is good, but it is not good, common use is also good, but it is not particularly strong. Z10 nothing makes me surprise, BlackBerry nothing makes me feel different place.

design is not simple, lively, beautiful or

I really like the iPhone software, at the same time, the iPhone’s main competitors are also impressed me. Put aside disputes and litigation, to be sure, iOS, android and Windows Phone is totally different terminals and the user experience. Android can meet the demand of consumers the main screen and can adjust the size of the widget replaces the Windows Phone really live tiles and iOS icon in the network.

however, BlackBerry and not imitate the practice. Ubuntu said, unlike the positive enterprising, design unique port, distinguished from other products of the operating system, BlackBerry has chosen to imitate the iOS network icon, to give up their own design. Even delete and finishing place application steps are similar to the iPhone.

Z10 is good, but there was no unusual and exciting place. Z10 without any real innovation. To be honest, I can’t help but think, what are doing the blackberry company recently. BB10 delayed, I guess the blackberry company has returned to back to prototype, regroup, built from scratch from the operating system. However, when I delve into the menu, I see the plain text list and familiar icon, all is me familiar old BlackBerry operating system.

however, I have been very like the function of the BlackBerry. Therefore, see the blackberry back, I am very happy. Why not “marked read” function, it make me confused. As to dress up a new BlackBerry Messenger has no use for me now, I’m afraid. People I know there is no who still use blackberry, it is already very clear.

as with many things in life, a very small and looks innocuous details can make their own use or abandon the use of a mobile phone. My story goes like this: when the alarm clock in the morning, two white box will jump out on his mobile phone, the above two the words – “sleep” or “cancel” alarm clock. Squinting at the alarm clock, I wonder if they still have energy successful agile to click on the “go to sleep for a while. This can let me more mistake; I just didn’t want to good.

the iOS and android system have been slightly adjusted, these details have been upgraded to nearly perfect, perfect system will update on Monday morning.

where are my application?

I do the first thing to get a new cell phone app store download some everyday I will use the application, including the edit photos application – sets, Camera + and Snapseed and WhatsApp, services, TubeMap, Netflix and Google maps (unless, of course, is a android mobile phone) in these applications, TubeMap can BlackBerry found in the World, but the other software, I can’t find the corresponding alternative software.

in particular, it is hard to understand I use WhatsApp and the frequency of the company. I can even think about their use of mobile phone without these two apps. IOS, android and Windows Phone 8 can be found on WhatsApp and services. However, using a Z10, I can’t find these two apps on BB10.

after familiar with Google maps, I found that Z10 built-in map quality is poor. Even the condemned Apple Maps are good. However, we do not forget when he has just launched early cause the sensation.

other software quality and price is a big problem, the blackberry company may have been renamed its app store, but the application of the item or not clear, the price seems too high.

look, my screen when again, mobile phone has a black screen

I found the blackberry generally have a problem. Need time to solve some problems, however, when I saw Z10 arrived at CNET London shop a few hours, the battery was repeated three times after installation, I found it from the start there was a problem.

the first day I began to mainly use Z10 strange will happen. I got it in the center of the check procedure and information in a few hours, mobile phone is shaking, half frozen group and information page. Restart the phone, I want to see if this is just a temporary problem. The failure lasted for several hours, stopped on your own, but soon after, again. Another time, when I adjust the volume on the phone has been kept flashing icon. This is not a good start.

battery problem, though, have not so big, how long does the battery is not. Even if I try to save electricity, nor can Z10 last 24 hours. However, even if I from services like the song, my iPhone battery also can continue to use a day and a half.

since I started using Z10, BlackBerry began one of the few software upgrades, hope to be able to solve these problems.

why can’t my social network applications together?

as Facebook generation, I must ensure that their mobile phones have electricity all the time, my application running, so that I can to own ways of life. At first, I am very happy to see BB10 Facebook application and iOS, however, I soon found that the two are quite different.

when I tried to watch some events, I was out of the application, in the browser, still have to log in. Cell phones on Youtube and iPlayer in a similar situation. In today’s era, through the browser into the mainstream of application, and not directly using the application, it is very bad.

as a great user of Twitter, I’m quite disappointed with BB10 Twitter application. It is very strange, sometimes jumping out of the code instead of tweets, Twitter Handles pictures will appear next to the wrong user. Second, the application will not be forward tweets for interactive behavior by default. So, if your tweets is forwarded, you don’t get to remind, you must manually query. If you click on the reply, will not appear on a page of the original tweet, or before the dialogue. Maybe the most let people hurt, whenever you click a link, you will be quit program, enter the browser.

Back to BlackBerry?
To use the blackberry?

BB10 didn’t attract me, I don’t believe he can make me give up iOS, android or Windows Phone 8. Compared BB10, instead, I was more interested in Ubuntu – I only seen operating system in a series of screenshots. BB10 exists serious fault, BB10 needs to be improved a lot to satisfy my daily use.

I think BlackBerry can learn a thing or two from nokia slightly, although we don’t how can use nokia, its design is very attractive, at least have a unique and interesting.

although BlackBerry World now make Windows Phone app store look very common, the less than any help. Any users accustomed to use more advanced configuration, a large number of the lack of a good, the price is right of application is a big problem. And, more importantly, I have to make sure my mobile phone won’t appear destructive failure. If the blackberry company can like me to prove they have already solved these problems, I am very happy to buy their products. Unfortunately, the blackberry company has missed the last chance.

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