Why ford CEO Alan mulally is expected to take over baumohl

now, for elop airborne nokia’s theory of “Trojan horse” is still debated, Finnish newspaper helsingin sanomat newspaper reported is the trend of public opinion again. At this point, Microsoft selection succession or will be more carefully, in order to avoid the elop and impact of public opinion.

a source of science and technology news site All Things Digital , according to ford motor current Ellen? Mr Mulally is a powerful person in succession baumohl at present. At first glance, held to Boeing, ford motor company Mr. Mulally is not a the best person to run software companies. Especially for Microsoft so a company that is transforming to equipment service providers. However, according to the All Things Digital analysis, become Microsoft in succession this matter, Mr Mulally does have some advantages of let a person cannot be ignored in.

first of all, Mr Mulally in recent years has been the baumohl private consultant, also help baumohl drew up Microsoft’s reform plan. As a result, Mr Mulally has a clear understanding on after its in the Microsoft case, and this will significantly reduce the discomfort of period. More important, it is shown by Mr Mulally at ford’s term of outstanding leadership.

came from aviation industry mulally surely with ford in the fading “motor city, Detroit has to confront the wonderful scene. With Mr Mulally’s decisive and foresight, ford became a few did not accept the federal government benefits of automobile manufacturers, and in the 2008 years after the financial crisis quickly return to profitability.

if Mr Mulally became baumohl’s successor, he would take over is in the transition period of Microsoft. Microsoft has not yet in crisis, so Mr Mulally has more room to play. Obviously, there’s an urgent need to clear whether Microsoft needs to reshape its mobile strategy, and profits low the Xbox , Bing business is going to go and also a important issue of Microsoft. As baumohl once described, “mulally than anyone else I know more about the commercial law.”

so strong support will no doubt help Mr Mulally gain more from Microsoft shareholders and bill? The favour of the gates.

of course, Mr Mulally’s disadvantage is also very obvious.

the first, he is not running the Internet company’s experience, can be regarded as “outsiders” Internet.

second, his 68 at the age of “old age” (or even older than Mr Ballmer 11 years of age) in pursuing new and change the Internet company.

however, before the dust settles, speculation about Mr Mulally will fermentation. But he is under contract with the ford 2014 years expires.

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