Why don’t you buy the Nexus of 5? Answer: “because the camera”!

5 after the release of the Nexus, cause the extensive concern of the market. Various media have launched their own assessment of science and technology. Although they are divided on the judgement of the Nexus of 5 different,, but they are the “critical eye” points to the Nexus 5 the mismatching camera function.

: under the condition of the “perfect” shot, the Nexus of 5 8 million rear camera can clap a pretty picture. But this “perfect” shooting conditions in life doesn’t always appear. In the face of the real world environment, the Nexus 5 clap a photo is not very desirable.

: in general, the Nexus 5 camera is good, basic meet the requirements of average shot.

: ordinary shooting mode, the Nexus of 5 shooting speed, but slightly dim picture. But choose HDR + patterns, pictures of gray and color saturation is higher.

: the Nexus of five basic standard camera, but can’t let a person feel excited. In addition, in my tests, the camera appear caton phenomenon (xiao yun Nexus 4 also often appear photos stay on the black screen).

: compared to a Nexus, the Nexus of 5 camera with a certain degree of improvement. In addition to the more clear photos, more photos of beautification model, in our tests, the Nexus of five basic standard low light images. However, we still want the future to the Nexus equipment can on the camera with other mobile phone during match.