Why do I see empty su ning

the author: guo-dong zhao The author of “historic opportunity” era of big data book

the first half, the second is offline advantage paradox, the third is the big data gaps.

first, tide is feeling more. The trend of industrial development stage, industrial upgrading is intuitive. Channels to rise about is a story of ten years or so. Brands and channels of the game was never sleeps, has been living in the noisy. When channel matures, is where the brand power. Most brand has formed their own “stereo” channels, and dependence on a single channel is gradually reduced.

the core in the evolution of the channel is offline channels in the online migration, and online channels to evolve in the direction of wisdom. Suning step backward, will step by step backward. When he struggled the integration of offline and online, the somebody else already complete on-line channel cover, when he began to offline and online single-phase &three-phase, people have been using big data in the precision marketing and recommendation.

second, offline experience online purchase, sounds very good. But, in fact, differ. Experience the shop’s location and appliances stores now? Which category need experience store? Which category need not? Simply think about these questions, you will understand now called offline store, suning is mostly negative equity, not its responsibility to experience shops. In the era of big data, the so-called capital will follow data assets such as land, real estate and reconfiguration. If really understand this sentence, you will understand the plight of suning.

third, suning’s IT system can’t support the requirement of large data. When I listen to friends su ning again ready to invest $10, IBM, SAP, please help build IT systems that can handle the big data, I can not help but sigh, did not expect. Absorb the two independent to suning how much gold, and also not useful, it’s almost become a joke. Only that su ning management team of technology non-inductive. Elimination is a matter of time before. Early in the open source and successful, this is a must for electricity.

to revisit a words: “a new generation of big data as the core of the enterprise, using the new model and new technology is more close to consumers, a large collection of data analysis, understand requirements, efficient information and make predictions, all the traditional products only a subservient to this new user level platform company, not management can reverse their decline.”

suning struggle, reflects the disruptive change of retail industry. Still struggling suning is good, at least he understood the power of science and technology and in catching up. Many of the traditional industry leading enterprises is not make clear who is his rival. In the financial, telecommunications, media, manufacturing, medical and so on industry, we all will see suning’s another story. Fortunately, we stood in science and technology.

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