Who is in the hype peas?

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peas are lenovo bought? I saw the news is very surprised.

if peas and ali, baidu, tencent, 360 have a gossip also just, suitable. But peas marrying lenovo, lenovo in the mobile Internet is what? Don’t silly to lenovo what all have no, is spending a huge sum of money to buy a beautiful daughter-in-law, not afraid of the wife bought when the decoration, too?

of course, I’m not saying that the possibility of future didn’t buy lenovo peas, but it is now.

think about some time ago, on the river’s lake rumors circulated that baidu also want to purchase peas, this is very strange rumors lenovo’s purchase of peas and no wonder.

peas under hype!

why so say.

giants have begun to enter the peas in the territory.

1, tencent

the company has acquired at the end of 2011, hangzhou magic software co., LTD.

the magic music software was established in March 2009, main products are Android mobile phones PC management software the magic of the housekeeper, buyout by tencent, mainly be responsible for the operation assistant product tencent applications.

application assistant is tencent last August PC mobile resource management software, has the download the Android mobile phone, PC synchronization management resources, and other functions.

2, baidu

in March of this year, baidu mobile application changed its name to baidu mobile assistant, in 91 and the assistant, peas are very similar products, is seen as baidu in mobile search, from the application distribution channels to preempt the mobile Internet portal.

although currently do bad, baidu mobile assistant is his son.


360 made a product 360 mobile phone assistant, though starting late, but now more like a cow force. In April, 360 mobile game product director Jiang Zu revealed, 360 mobile phone assistant now, with 200 million users since last year, the cumulative total of 7 billion downloads.

have to say I like the 360 mobile guards the torre, 360 mobile phone assistant promote up effortlessly.

4, 91 mobile phone assistant

this is peas old rivals, the somebody else this year plan is listed.

although peas foreign boasts more than 25 million users, but in the eyes of giant, these so-called first-mover advantage does not become their mobile phone assistant obstacle.

the reality is that peas user can no longer be with geometrical curve, and can’t find the path of making money. At this time, investors also worried for sure.

giants now is lack of time, that is to say, if you give a big enough time, mobile phone assistant such products for them, for tens of millions of users is not a particularly difficult to things.

peas if want to continue independent development, from either the itself or the environment is not the best choice. Seek alongside giant, is understandable.

so pretentious hype has come out. The hype behind must have the shadow of innovation works. However, I suggest that the hype or the pursuit of skills, find a lenovo, is really put lenovo as the rich ShaDaHeiCu yet!

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