Whatsapp rumours acquisition rumors that did not contact with Google


cloud network hunting 4 on 9 ,

recently circulating Google contact Whatsapp and be ready to make acquisitions. But today Whatsapp the official denial, done said did not contact with Google.

Whatsapp BD Neeraj Arora told reporters that they did not contact with Google.


Digital Trends , Whatsapp price 10 $will be bought by Google. Then this message is a lot of media coverage, but did not have a second independent sources can be crossed.

in addition to deny contact Google Arora did not provide more other messages to the outside world.

Whatsapp is not the first time that have been acquired. Last year, 12 month have media Whatsapp the takeover, when media mouth buyers is Facebook .

Whatsapp is a very popular cross-platform IM application (similar to WeChat), the user can send text messages, pictures, video or share location information. IOS version fee 0.99 , Android free version of some countries (including China), part of the country to collect fees, the same is 0.99 $.