What is meant by “educational philosophy”?

China’s Encyclopedic Education Volume (1985 edition), compiled by Li Ji, “Education Management Dictionary” (1989), Gu Mingyuan’s “Education Dictionary” (1990 edition) ), The English version of the Encyclopaedia Britannica (1993 Edition), did not see the “educational philosophy” of the article. Although we are still at a stage where there is no clear definition of “educational philosophy,” this does not prevent people from using the term “educational philosophy” frequently. This shows that “educational philosophy” has been widely recognized both inside and outside the education sector. To examine literary theories (such books, not a few essays) that openly use the notion of “educational philosophy” and even the subject of “educational concepts”, we find the discovery that most authors evade the use of “educational philosophy” The necessary explanation and definition of the concept itself. There are two reasons for this: First, there are quite a few authors who consider “educational philosophy” just like “educational concepts” and “educational thoughts,” and naturally do not have to interpret it when used as a mature concept. Second, “educational philosophy” really It is a complicated concept similar in meaning to many basic concepts of education but similar in nature but not completely similar and similar. The uncertainty of the boundary of its connotation makes it seem like an all-encompassing concept. Therefore, can only understand, hard to convey. However, it is precisely our lack of discussion of the basic connotation of “educational philosophy” and the failure to accurately understand its meaning. Therefore, it is hard to avoid the widespread and even abusive use of the concept of education. Some writers regard some of the features that reflect or reveal the characteristics of education or teaching activities as well as the characteristics of the subject and object of education as the kinds of educational ideas. Some even include some trend characteristics of education development such as internationalization, legalization and industrialization , Popular, etc. are also included in the concept of education, as if the concept of education is an omnipresent treasure chest. To clarify the vague understanding of “educational philosophy”, only honestly discuss the concept.