What easecredit, micro and micro letter spell it?

in the game, in the face of adverse situation, some players will use “solitary” cure tactics, on the other side forces within the scope of chess, tolerate each other. Through the survival “chess”, achieve the purpose of damage situation of the other party, make the situation to the direction of the transformation are to their benefit.

this advanced tactics, not only popular in excel, also active in the IT industry. Google even lose money, also want to lift up high the flag of Chrome. Microsoft struggled to support Bing search. Basic series mobile IM at home, in the face of all the tencent WeChat, netease and sina has carried out the “lonely” cure action, respectively introduced a “letter” and “micro”.
Strategically, is currently the PC Internet to the mobile Internet is the critical period of transition, grabbing the entrance of the mobile Internet is related to the enterprise survival in the future, so, the Internet companies are bound to our best, the battle for the mobile Internet “tickets”. And in all the entrance, the viscosity is one of the most popular, is mobile IM market. Whether it’s news, search, or shopping, games, it can gather together, can’t compete with IM. PC, for example, tencent QQ on active accounts by the end of 2012 to 798 million, QQ online accounts for 176 million at the same time, the highest on QQ space active account number 602.7 million. In the mobile market, tencent’s performance is still outstanding, micro letter with “WeChat” of the total number of more than 300 million registered account. And so popular, also created a huge commercial value, tencent’s revenues in 2012 of 2012 yuan, more than the sum of baidu, sina, sohu, netease. Behind such a huge cake and profits for any IT company to be jealous. Therefore, sina, netease, to carry out the “lonely” cure action is imperative.
However, such a “solitary” cure often risk is very big, a mistake will be wiped out. “Micron” to be successful breakthrough, is must pay attention to three aspects.
One is to stick to. Throughout the IT enterprises at home and abroad, highly successful people, not able to withstand the ebb tide. Currently the world’s first apple, in 1997, the company to the brink of collapse, even still have to rely on the old rival Microsoft’s $150 million investment, to ride out the storm. At present, the mobile IM market, the products are many, head-on, brings the unprecedented competition pressure. In this case, the “leftover is king” of the law is more practical. “Micron” at the beginning of the birth, besides should consider to become bigger and stronger, more want to consider doing for a long time, to carry on the protracted war. At present, WeChat status is very difficult to shake. As long as live, “micron” will have the opportunity. Once you give up, you really dead loss, there is no hope.
The second is innovation. In the Internet industry, the mobile Internet industry, in particular, many people have a strong ability of new things. At the time of the new product launch, they will try to experience the product. If there really is innovation and highlight move to them, these opinion leaders would be word of mouth, the greatest publicity result.
At present, the “micro” doing well there are two big characteristics, on the one hand, through the microblogging. “Micro” users have the characteristics of weibo, at the same time can through their own interests and hobbies to choose like-minded friends to chat, by grouping and circle of friends of barrier-free exchange; Burn after reading, on the other hand, is another feature of the “micro” main, point to open software, namely have burn after reading the explanations of the function and tips. Burn after reading, the group sending code photos time 24 hours watching, burn after reading three seconds. These two characteristics, is sure to attract a certain audience. However, if you want to gain a foothold in the mobile IM market, also need to “micro” to develop more innovative function.
3 it is cooperation. Playing chess, not only should the chess, more to be above board. This is the summary of the players, but also advice on the application of the idea of “go”. Go, just both sides tit-for-tat zero-sum game. But, in the real business world, there are often more complex cooperation relations with checks and balances, many things are not a zero-sum game, can pursue a win-win situation, to win more. As a result, the birth of the “micro”, but also for the test of the operators of wisdom. “Yi letter” is very smart, joint of China telecom. The opportunity of “micro”, also has an affair with China mobile at the moment.
“Micron” the birth of IT companies are considering the mobile Internet strategy, is also a mobile IM a benign competition opportunity. If just let the micro letter dominance, it is difficult to compete for the innovation of technology and service. “Micron” to break through, however, must be prepared to the thought of “treat isolated”, insisted on these three aspects serious, innovation and cooperation.