What dry electricity bosses?

today in the electricity business summit held by analysys, Tmall President zhang yong, dangdang network CEO Mr Li, no. 1 store in just delivered speeches. What dry these bosses have said at the meeting? Hunting cloud network summed up as follows:

Tmall President zhang yong:

the future of electricity in the C2B. “China has no real sense of C2C. Taobao C2C, but less like C2C again, it is a small B2C, or is a professional B2C, inside it there is a lot of is also a professional seller, just smaller. Real C2C in the next few years with the rise of the middle class in China, the rise of environmental awareness will be developed. But see the C2C today is definitely not the real meaning of C2C.”

the size of China’s e-commerce around 1.3 trillion last year, taobao add day cat turnover has reached 1 trillion in December last year. Tmall visitors per day to 40 million, almost 15% in 40 million to 20% of the users via wireless access Tmall.

zhang yong also predicted that two years later by wireless access to the number of days the cat will visit the number of days the cat through more than a PC.

“future electricity sector must not back to the department in charge of the sales target, but it is a enterprise based on Internet business model architect, become the service sector.”

advice: zhang yong to entrepreneurs have not yet begun to do electricity on young people. Have made electricity to electricity department loosening, from simple sales department location into the service position.

zhang yong revealed for the first time in the future the core of the “big five” : the first is by day cat better connection consumer on one hand, the day the cat from a sales platform into a connection platform; The second aspect, the future will be around 1 + N + N system (a flagship store, several Tmall authorized store, in the form of consignment shop), the whole channel layout; The third aspect is based on findings from media, through innovative marketing methods to find new consumer groups demand; The fourth aspect is day cat on mobile Internet, with wireless operations; Finally on the one hand is to further improve the competency of cloud services and cloud computing.

dangdang network CEO Mr Li:

“on the books of the market share, dangdang has far ahead, we accounted for more than a third of the market share. Such a large proportion in the same type of products in the world has not I find similar electric business!”

dangdang proprietary department turnover will continue beyond the books? Dangdang Mr Li said: “can continue!” , said li guoqing analysis for proprietary department store sales growing confidence comes mainly from dangdang’s category is rich, and smile to say: “rich the premise of a certain category or discount store, to not accept discount merchants, go play!”

“why jingdong selling books to sell but dangdang? He sold the kui, because book industry rules to decide the venture. What is called the threshold? I told the press, must provide dangdang, that is the threshold. How do I book is profit along the way, other companies do books can only be a loss. First-class enterprise selling rules, second-class enterprise sells brand, third-rate sell goods, dangdang is rules.”

Mr Li said, when the next step is to target audience, will insist to do high-end. “Is our high-end must understand goods, for we must have the strict review before tenants, we have a strong brand evaluation committee, we don’t need to fight for consumers by comments.”

“dangdang lost more than 4 year, but still have 1.3 billion cash account, cash is absolutely no problem. But we also welcome the strategic investment, but want to buy, go to play egg.”

chairman in just 1 shop:

in just said, electronic business enterprise of good business model, excellent team, sufficient funds, executive force is the winning formula. Mediocre enterprise must be a link has a problem.

“those who are easy to be eliminated is so a few class, first class enterprise too much focus on a one-time deal, don’t consider the feelings of the customer, to earn the money first does not consider other things, the Internet word of mouth is very important, good corporate reputation is going the rounds of bad reputation will combine hundred enterprises, we should put customer experience in the first place. The second category of enterprises is that there is no core competitiveness, it is easy to be copied without the core competitiveness of enterprises, it is easy to copy and replace by other electric business enterprise. Management, the third class enterprise is not machine, not the customers want the goods in to the time and place of sent to the hands of customers. Focus on customer experience, understand the value of business model for electricity is very important.”

in just has repeatedly stressed that the field of electricity in the value of customer experience value, with the confidence of the innovative business model and technology platform for consumers new experience. For example, “we give businesses to open an account the supplier portal and data, tell them that the trend of the sales and inventory status, help them to solve the problem of inventory”.