Weibo new client access books music and third-party applications

recently, sina weibo is testing a new version of the client, this version is not only add the function of multiple release, has access to the third party applications, can be directly within the microblogging door side share the content of the third party applications.

multiple function is sina weibo Web side recent launch of the function, can be released in a tweet more pictures. Now this function is implemented in the mobile client, maximum 9 images.



in addition, this version is the most important new features can add books, music and application in weibo, books and music are all from sina’s own resources, currently testing phase only sina’s own application, the subsequent will more access to third party applications.


sina weibo is constantly enrich the release forms of weibo, has launched a “public media platform” for the media can be released by combination of “media weibo” and push to the users of the client. Last week, sina weibo launched multiple functions, can be in the same weibo to add more pictures.

by richer content and the representation, weibo will be able to electricity, books, used to traffic and display, or will become a new source of income.

source: sohu it