Weibo DMS interface was sent after the open Directed at WeChat

cloud network learns, hunting in closed WeChat DMS interface after a year, recently, the sina weibo low-key opened weibo DMS interface, institutions and enterprises account you can ask the fans to push information. The personage inside course of study says, weibo, directed at micro letter.

according to weibo open platform, according to open direct messages are defined as message service

message service is for institutional certification account (blue V), application message with weibo user interactive services.
Through this service, agency certification account (blue V) can be realized on your own server fan service platform “DMS auto reply”, “direct messages artificial customer service”, “direct messages to remind function;” Developers can in their own applications to achieve weibo “direct messages inviting friends”, “gifts”, “top”, and other functions.

in fact, as early as last year, weibo has been opening up to the DMS interface, but due to a large number of users to report harassment information received, weibo decided to shut down the interface in September last year.

weibo official position is at the time, will be fully closed and open platform of DMS interface, the microblog third-party applications will not be able to send direct messages to users, users of these applications don’t have to worry about so harassed by its marketing messages again.

the personage inside course of study, according to the analysis of the sina weibo wants against WeChat service number. “Sina the public function and the micro letter, can say are basically the same, sina close and reopen, although it may once again by the user, but also is helpless.”