WeChat whose posterior and weibo is copy?

the author: yong-dong Chen

recently, ali stake in sina weibo, WeChat 5.0 is coming soon, and at that time, weibo, WeChat gaining climax. Worth thinking is, however, weibo, WeChat are copying some application of posterior, posterior copied then who is?

a, whose posterior WeChat is copy?

1, copy a small site/Minisite posterior. Lies in a WeChat public account, the comprehensive utilization of the custom reply function, add new menu design, think about it, it can not make it a small site or Minisite? The answer is yes, especially is given priority to with the query of small website.

2, copy the light APP Bridges. Or because the public accounts. Imagine how much you want to open an APP to take the cost, you have to take into account the iOS, android, and even the WP system and different terminal equipment. With WeChat public accounts, develop lightweight APP, you don’t have to consider the operating system and the terminal type.

3, posterior copy network literature. Mr GuanPeng recently expressed the same view, in fact, under the background of above 1, 2, network literature, of course, can use WeChat public accounts. Plus if micro letter launched subscription, even business model had, just the user temporarily unable to each reading.

4, posterior copy gets to/hotline. By the micro letter custom reply to extend the function of public account, not only hint is clear, and the result of the answer is in your phone, than both the hotline coherent, and 24 when providing services, also need not spend artificial, why not?

5, posterior copy voice call. The needless to say, and of course because of WeChat voicemail or intercom function, some telecom operators has expressed its strong displeasure, ministry of recent relevant comment also appears to have WeChat and voice services. Indeed, walkie-talkie is a lot of people think that the most useful in WeChat function.

6, copy the posterior SMS/MMS. This is just a matter of telecom operators in the past negligence, but the market data shows that the micro letter words such as communication, voice, picture, can replace the function of the SMS, MMS, and broken its market. To collect fees by the SMS or MMS, WeChat only traffic fees, much cheaper.

7, copy picture sharing website. This is because the small letters in the circle of friends, is similar to them. See sets a momentum will know, Facebook is willing to spend $1 billion acquisition of them appropriate to its value. Tencent borrow their original user base, micro letter friends easily won many users.

8, copy the posterior of news client/electronic magazine. Since public accounts can develop small micro letter website, lightweight APP or provide online literature reading service, so news or electronic magazine nature can provide. Although news client is now very fire, but attention should be paid to WeChat counter attack.

9, copy the posterior of small game. Look from multiple messages, tencent would like to use WeChat expand the game market, the game is more profitable business, after all. Also is to use micro letter public accounts, small game can become more proficient. Of course, the tangle of tencent is: whether oneself is given priority to, or give priority to with game developers with a third party?

10, copy the CRM platform Bridges. (whether by micro letter to communicate between ordinary bank account between or with the public) are one-to-one, and circle of friends, and the public accounts can be either machine reply, can also be artificial reply, that means a very good CRM platform is over there.

2, whose posterior microblogging is copy?

1, the copy instant communication Bridges. Weibo messages first launch is for QQ, if it weren’t for later WeChat saved QQ (a second line of netizens transition from QQ to WeChat), then the weibo messages could replace the QQ, because it can not only private words or pictures, you can also send files.

2, copy the electronic magazine’s posterior. This is primarily a weibo later launch “micro” and the other an intermediate type of application “the Qing (light)”, enrich the performance of the more effect, more diverse circle of interest or vertical classification, the function of the weibo electronic magazine to expand.

3, copy social business guide/website for Bridges. This, of course, is due to alibaba nearly $600 million stake in sina weibo 18% stake, reason is very simple, sina weibo is social media, alibaba’s core business is electronic commerce, combination of purpose that is

“the heart of the obvious – no secret”.

4, posterior copy picture sharing website. If you go to see the album in the sina weibo, or go to tencent weibo “micro channel, will understand, weibo as long as a turn, it becomes Pinsterest as pictures of the waterfall display mode or other picture sharing website, as long as you have a picture in weibo.

5, copy the BBS/posterior tieba. Except for forwarding microblogging is comments, critics is discussed, is in the workshop to the world. In the past, QQ group, BBS, or the number of posted limits, which makes the discussion in the weibo more different, more may be surprising, because suddenly there will be down from the sky, published remark.

6, copy the posterior of SNS site. Weibo birth to now, has not simply imitate the Twitter, it still has the shadow of Facebook, and even can change as mentioned above picture sharing website, along with the game, third party applications, etc., so you should understand: renren and kaixin in mainland China a bit left out.

7, copy the comments on the posterior of the website. Since can comment, you can comment on the enterprise, brand, product or service, not necessarily like the review sites in a below to see all of the comments on the enterprise brand, but can through the microblogging search search somebody else’s comments, good and bad review must have influence on you.

8, copy the TV/radio/newspapers/magazines. Because weibo media properties, because weibo the immediacy of information, because the microblogging platform carries tens of thousands of the media, so the impact of television, radio, newspapers and magazines. Traditional media simply come in, of course, you look at the People’s Daily came to weibo, xinhua news agency, CCTV, came also, euphemistically called “penetration” and “reverse osmosis”.

9, copy professional networking/posterior recruitment website. As social media, not only has interwoven relationships between users, and a lot of people in the job, many enterprises in the recruitment, combined with sina has developed a similar function of Linkedin, may be the reason is that Linkedin is fire.

10, copy the search engine’s posterior. The speed of the traditional search engine is a little slow, website information must be collected after a period of time, in the search engine to search for, and in the weibo? Weibo can search the latest weibo immediately, weibo search speed is the chief threat to traditional search.

all in all, mainland China’s weibo and WeChat have surprised the world constantly, whether the number of users, and constantly update functionality.

of course, weibo and WeChat are not perfect. Here to ask a question: they use micro letter, when more than more than 200 public accounts, often feel tips too many, already feeling overwhelmed, some tired, may hide micro letter. Use weibo, when ordinary grass roots and in the early period of the small business or small agencies use, number of fans, and turn all the number usually play not to come, may give up.

I think the way to solve the problem from two aspects: first, hope weibo and micro letter service provider can provide users with better experience; Second, hope weibo with WeChat user ideas with them – the same case, attentively and mindless gap will be great.

of course, “copied somebody posterior” does not mean that it must be “subversive” or “beyond”, but this kind of atmosphere can help the parties progress and growth.