WeChat: send you a grandiose

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I am a singer final results, weibo is as high as more than tens of millions of discussion topic. Did find the G point of this program, in this big weekend night, successful tease tens of millions of heart to stir.

title is yu quan, some people think that deserves it, others believe that there is a shady.

a shady such as electricity commentators LuZhenWang said.

“hail to the breakers swept the teacher! Had arranged for him to announce the results, he said afraid can’t back home at night, and the results Wang Han immediately took the words to conceal, actually hong announced the teacher didn’t want to go against a given title, terry Lin singing is not good at bragging, lyrics have showed that, after the singing praises Wang Han yu quan last song, the significance of the results would have ended! Boycott of mango for a period of time from now on!”

a lot of questions from people that champion should be terry Lin.

with emotional commitment to a match, in the end the results found that people who buy tickets were fooled, this is not a game but a have good show the rehearsal. Good actors in China!

to pull so much, it is to say, WeChat than a weibo on media power. Because of my WeChat circles, was not a sharing and news about the matter. My circle of friends is very active, share news of friends and the frequency is very high, but really don’t have a micro letter about it. Instead, focus on my weibo, is almost the brush screen, all about my weibo is a singer.

in order to support the intuitive feeling, I asked in the circle of friends, the Internet is the answer, the letter also has a share in the circle of friends, but far less.

since last year, the industry began to sing mao-era WeChat media influence, especially in the public platform, “WeChat influence media landscape” sound is heard.

have to admit, the letter is a very good media, channel, as long as the user become fans of your micro letter, the content of the arrival rate is very high. But WeChat push a biggest flaw is that the existing product form does not have the capacity to make the spread of information can be explosive.
I think there are 2 points: the reason is

1, the transmission environment is relatively closed.

weibo every user is spread open node, the spread of micro letter can only be spread in the circle of friends. For example, WeChat is an isolated island of the environment, some connection between the islets, some closed. Convenient and the island of weibo. Acquaintances relationship clearly had no interest in overlay network area is much larger. Because WeChat setting the threshold of privacy. This is the most important and the main reason.

2, WeChat lack of information source

I said information refers to the micro letter lacks enough to create high quality content, such as lu to willingly quickly create content for free. All of these people on the sina weibo. No shells, only the cannon, cannot. You can say, WeChat can go to sina weibo dig opinion leaders. Is not feasible, can be, but the source of active from a sense of achievement, no sense of achievement and opinion leaders to do micro letter?

perhaps in the eyes of xiao-long zhang, micro letter is just a communication tool, communication tools to set various privacy, therefore, it is destined not to blatant, only is a very quiet place.

but the outside to give him a lot of imagination, such as WeChat baidu’s life, to cut off WeChat weibo life to cut off, and so on. If nothing else, I think, the letter for little impact in the media, on the contrary the media can use micro letter more widely spread, add a action channel.

micro sino weibo more than media explosive cannot match.

with friends, micro letter is PC RSS feeds. Has a point.

flattering to the micro letter doesn’t matter, have senior black with red. But I hope the micro letter must not go shangri-la, don’t be also abroad consulting company said valuations tens of billions, and then get the grandiose.

because, I am play micro letter oh.

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