WeChat public platform to replace APP? Summarizes six big reasons for developers

recently, tencent technology interviewed some mobile Internet entrepreneurs, found everyone are trying to through it or transfer their APP functionality to their WeChat public account.

micro letter can be in imperceptible when ZhongGe off mobile Internet predecessors – APP life? This is a very worthy of discussion.

geek park mobile Internet conference held yesterday, one of the first main BBS is “micro letter I/O BBS”. When I/O and micro letter these two words together, gradually, we found that the micro letter for mobile Internet, it is not just a functional product, it’s in the level of the mobile Internet, can down, down, again become applications, patterns, bearing foundation of ecological architecture.

public accounts is based on the I/O of one of the small chain, it is in WeChat team trying to get rid of the misunderstanding of marketing platform, gradually began to show its appearance: by using I/O create WeChat provide diversified service mode of the public platform, the enterprise to find a more effective survival in the future mobile Internet form, not the survival form the current representative, is the APP.

in the developer discussion, on the basis of tencent technology article summarizes several WeChat public account instead of the value of the APP:

first, micro letter public body lighter than the APP, users enter the threshold is low.

a APP volume, less a few megabytes, dozens more. Although home, unit has WIFI, but couldn’t find the WIFI, often at this time, the most prone to sudden APP needs. And rely on the China mobile (weibo) network of tortuous, many people is a heart is weak. And WeChat offered, is to search a public account, add, and then you can use, barriers to entry is very simple.

quick hotel housekeeper, vice President of Zhu Kun such a story, on the high-speed train to Beijing on business, in talking to next to one of the passengers, the passenger says he hasn’t set a good hotel, it was raining that day, the Beijing Zhu Kun very enthusiastic recommend the passenger quick download the housekeeper APP to set the hotel, but when the passengers take out a cellular phone to see their mobile network signal said download will not succeed. Disappointment Zhu Kun suddenly want to can let the passenger to speed up the jaguar hotel housekeeper WeChat to decide. Eventually the passenger is very simple operation is really booked the hotel.

second, WeChat application experience is also very light.

no matter whether a public number in the background is very complicated calculation, but in your mobile phone, and it is really very light, very light, almost is with simple text text, images, voice, etc. Seamless communication.

for APP, a large APP even 10 start alone takes a few seconds to a few seconds, but after entering the inside tend to have a complex application interface, increase the use of the user in the middle of the intangible time cost and psychological burden.

third, WeChat public can avoid upgrade bad experience.

for many unusual APP, upgrade to their life. Some users often said that some APP usually don’t use lie there quietly won’t go to pipe it, but once it prompts to upgrade, but would like to more smoothly to uninstall it. It like a black humor, but it’s true.

for most users, the upgrade process is not very good, you first need to cost flow, the second takes time, the third fear after the upgrade version of the destruction of the existing habits (some upgrade still really not liters). And micro letter public accounts is not the same, all the function upgrade its background, the user will not to experience the process, they may be found in the next open this account after more functionality, nothing more, its function upgrade has moistens everything silently.

4, a lift WeChat do social free of charge.

actually many APP has a heart to do the operation of the community, and the main community or the marketing of their products. Community is the most important of popularity, the snack bar people will be more and more, WeChat hundreds of millions of users, but most of the APP itself does not have to do the size of the community users.

if a circle of friends rely on micro letter? A typical example is the “wild guess figure”, this is a game to be too light to light, itself does not have too big innovation and stickiness, but rely on WeChat community to share power, “crazy guess figure” fire in an instant, once occupied the top game of the APP Store. The game itself does not do any other marketing channels, the only do is to send the game to the function of a WeChat friends let friends to help. Rely on the micro believe the power of the social, four two dial one thousand catties.

5, the letter of each account can be achieved through public.

flight steward encyclopedia with embarrassing thing that looks like none of left two apps, even in public accounts WeChat finally “together” : unable to an open API to flight steward, become a small function, when the process of passengers waiting for the flight, with flight steward, after examining the flight information can click button, by the way, there will be one joke, and the content source is off, the passengers to pass the time. This is a very simple idea, simple experience.

but why didn’t the phenomenon in the APP this mode produced? Behind it there are WeChat open platform in do endorsement. WeChat itself is an open platform, but based on the open platform application can continue to be a secondary open platform, how big is the power of the infinite extension of filling who don’t know.

6, need not cross platform.

in the mobile Internet, android and iOS, like two world isolated from each other, both for developers and users, this is a nightmare: the same functionality developers need to respectively under different architecture as open, and users will often see each other platform of the first people to use new features.

if the WeChat do platform, directly across the gap of android and iOS, as long as WeChat itself as an application can keep the android and iOS version of synchronization, so WeChat platform user spared the pain before.