WeChat playing behind the plane hit 5.0: inside the game

the author: blackstone net

with micro letter release 5.0, the new welcome page “plane” to attract the attention of friends. To highlight the concept of “play games with my friends”, the user log in for the first time the new micro letter, will go directly to a “plane” the small game, bask in one big landscape of the score became friends circle, direct drive micro letter version 5.0 update speed.

but the blackstone network suggests that it is not so simple, hidden behind the micro letter and QQ hand swim at this stage of the competition relations, interpretation is as follows:

1 “plane” who stole the limelight?

if the WeChat 5.0 version of the news for a long time observation, you will find that love to eliminate every day, the cool everyday run even outside of the fruit ninja, “temple run”, has the related reports, in the past all kinds of publicity, the title of “first WeChat game” is not a “plane”, hit the plane of fire giving online nur love to eliminate every day, no matter how the future, starting today WeChat first shot of the game is to play the plane.

a plane there is no doubt that tencent widely research business works, the project team and other games, hit the plane don’t need you to second authorization, allows directly through your WeChat relationships, permissions than love to eliminate every day, although the latter is tencent internal asset.

2 tencent internal game continues to mobile games

mobile games is a gold mine, as the domestic first giant tencent game, with hundreds of millions of QQ and WeChat users in the field of mobile games success is only a matter of time. In the past, tencent internal game on mobile games on MIG (mobile) and IEG division between interactive entertainment, but as MIG Liu Chengmin left, IEG made the initiative.

IEG gain the initiative, the micro letter hand swim platform of several times, but in tencent official propaganda, for the same product, successively have micro letter hand swim platform, and tencent QQ hand swim platform hand swim platform and so on, several change tencent institutes of guangzhou and the IEG is behind the micro letter platform combined with the game on the concept of differences. Play the plane, is a voice to rob. Tencent guangzhou institute by means of a direct shows an attitude: platform is higher than the game.

3 WeChat is tencent, dc

IEG is not the first attempt to replace extensive research for choosing future tencent internal departments, ECC (electricity) before have mobile life electricity, deputy general manager Mr. Dai to in the media, tells the story of the micro letter electric business in the future, but in fact, the micro letter inside the tencent still maintain independent personality, has not been kidnapped by the electricity, and electricity before did not fail in the attempt to O2O, become an organic part of powerful micro letter.

it can be said that the aircraft is widely research on micro letter and games progression in a silent declaration, clearly the future IEG also like ECC can’t guide the development of the micro letter, just a fertilizer in the process of growth of micro letter. Micro letter horse or surnamed zhang already no longer is the core problem, a micro letter is tencent internal dc.